Appreciate | Plan | Act

Life is,,,,,,life. Like management, it is probably one of those “diverse” things with no exact definition, but many meanings depending on one’s personal view of it.

I have my own definition of life. It is a journey, and we all complete that journey some day. Yes, some people live longer than others but that’s only because each of us has a role to play. And when God thinks we’re done “working” he takes us.

I often ask myself why God would take a day / hours / minutes old baby…and I’ve come to realise that maybe that’s simply because their role was only meant to last a few days or hours,,,there’s always a lesson hidden in every situation, we just have to look hard enough for it.

Like any other journey, Life has its pit stops, humps, bumps, potholes and some stretches are a smoooooth ride. I have had my share of all those. I smile, laugh, celebrate but I also cry…like everybody else. My heart has been broken not just once, many times; but this has only taught me that the phrase “broken heart” is merely two words that describe a situation. It never really is that serious,,,because in all honesty, a broken heart literally would mean, you’re dead.

Hence my other definition of life,,,,,if a situation doesn’t kill you; it was never that serious! We’re allowed to hurt and deal with it in whatever way and whatever form makes us feel better, and at the end of the day when you get past it, and move on, it was never that fatal. If you lived through it, it was never that fatal.

At the end of the day, no matter what life throws your way, Appreciate – Plan – Act. That is something I learnt from my project management class and could not help but wonder how well it cuts across from simple management to everyday life. Everything, good or bad, has a lesson to teach us. During those extra hard times when things don’t go your way at all and everything is nothing short of disappointment and heartache; stop, breathe, pick yourself up and start another chapter….or better still, write a whole new book! Grow up, get wiser, make better decisions next time….but never give up, especially on you.

Trust God in and with everything, because his ways are not our ways, his timing is not our timing but HE knows best.


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