Dream It, Build It, Live it!

Fulfill your dream or someone else will hire you to fulfill theirs.” If this doesn’t hold water, I don’t know what does.

It is one thing to dream and another to stay asleep for so long…at some point you have to wake up and think about how well to build that dream. Having the desire and dreaming alone are not enough, one needs a plan. With the ever changing world there are plenty of opportunities around- and yes, the one in front of you at that time might not be exactly in line with “your dream” but making the best of it will eventually put you back on the path you want. You can do just about anything if you put your focus on how to do it rather than on why you can’t.

If something has been done before, by someone else, then so can I…and maybe even much better. In the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Dan Clark wrote:

“In 1957 a ten-year-old boy in California set a goal. At the time Jim Brown was the greatest running back ever to play pro football and this tall, skinny boy wanted his autograph. In order to accomplish his goal, the young boy had to overcome some obstacles.

He grew up in the ghetto, where he never got enough to eat. Malnutrition took its toll, and a disease called rickets forced him to wear steel splints to support his skinny, bowed-out legs. He had no money to buy a ticket to get into the game, so he waited patiently near the locker room until the game ended and Jim Brown left the field. He politely asked Brown for his autograph. As Brown signed, the boy explained, “Mr. Brown, I have your picture on my wall. I know you hold all the records. You’re my idol.”

Brown smiled and began to leave, but the young boy wasn’t finished. He proclaimed, “Mr. Brown, one day I’m going to break every record you hold!” Brown was impressed and asked, “What is your name, son?”

The boy replied, “Orenthal James. My friends call me O. J.”

O. J. Simpson went on to break all but three of the rushing records held by Jim Brown before injuries shortened his football career. Goal setting is the strongest force for human motivation. Set a goal and make it come true.”

So maybe I’m just 24 and I have “no right” to talk about dreams and accomplishing them and success and failure and anything along those lines, but at the end of the day, everyone started somewhere. I have my dream and I’m going to build on it and eventually, I will live my dream!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” _ Henry Ford

“People who belittle your ambitions do it because they don’t have the courage or motivation to follow their own”


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