True Selflessness

Selfless – unselfish, self sacrificing, noble

There’s a million and one ways to describe it; but yesterday, I saw somebody portray true selflessness and I was and still am more than humbled to know her.

My friend, D.N.B…..I prefer to use her initials, forewent her busy schedule and decided to come see me. And no, we don’t live 10 meters apart, but hundreds and the journey is a 4hour bus ride….which by the way is not very cheap. She could have stayed home and gone about her day or go job hunting as she was supposed to or do anything else as I kept suggesting, to save her the journey but she did not take no for an answer.

She knew I hadn’t been well over the last couple of weeks and despite the fact that I claimed I was ok, on the phone, she said, “No! I want to see for myself!” It’s not even a weekend and I have to be at work so most definitely I wouldn’t be home during the day to keep her company….and there’s no TV to keep her occupied and she could have watched movies on the laptop, but I had to take that to work with me. So she was going to be extremely bored and I was worried about that! But she did not care one bit! She got on that bus, and in no time, she’d arrived, in the middle of a down pour; that made me feel even worse! Either way, I was glad to see her! I know I sort of liked my “isolation phase” but it felt really good having a friend around. We talked through the night till we fell asleep.

This morning I got up to start my day and she was just about everywhere, insisting on making my breakfast, telling me not to do this, not to do that because she simply wanted to do everything and wanted me to just sit and wait. Of course I couldn’t let that happen!  The least I could do was make her breakfast! During breakfast we talked so much, clearly we hadn’t exhausted everything at night and turns out some things had to be repeated because there must have been points when one of us dozed off and missed a thing or two. Before I knew it she was literally chasing me out of the house and off to work, but first she asked for everything she needed to literally clean “my living space” inside out! And by the way it wasn’t even messy or dirty, if you know me; you know I’m a clean freak! She offered to clean up and do my laundry as well…and even wanted to cook! This is stuff I usually have on my weekend to-do list, the fact that she wanted to do all that for me for no apparent reason was a bit too much, I couldn’t let her! I suggested I’d leave work early and we’d cook together, which did not sound like a bad idea and we came to an agreement, besides it would be fun! She had her mind made up though about the cleaning. She really wanted to do it.

I’m done with work and I’m going to go back to my very clean and sparkling “living space”….I will explain in another post why I call it that and not “home”.  At some point I’m going to have to study, but still, this did not bother her, she said, “go ahead, you’ll study, I’ll be fine…”

At the end of the day when it’s just me, my pillow, my thoughts and God, I will thank him for people who continually show and teach me what friendship is all about.

The words that escape a friend’s mouth are “I’ll be there when you say you need me” but the words that are unheard from a true friend’s heart are “I’ll be there… whether you say you need me or not.”

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