First you crawl…..then you walk…. :)

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

You will have to forgive me if I sound overly serious in some of the posts.  I can’t help it sometimes. 🙂

It is human nature to want happiness and success and everything nice,,,,but many of these things do not come easy. Straight out of uni, we all want good jobs, a big house, a big car, hold the latest phones, name it; and people often opt for the easiest ways to getting these things.

Abraham Maslow, *yes, I’m making use of everything I learn in class* after I don’t know how many years of research, classified human needs into 5; physiological, security, social, esteem and self actualization. I’m not saying there is some sort of formula cast in stone, but in all honesty, his theory makes a lot of sense.

We live in a society *and this is very true for my country*, where people want to start straight from the top; and then somehow remember the more important things later. What we don’t understand is that it is only normal, perfectly normal actually to start small. In the beginning, our needs are simply basic, how-to-get-through-the-day needs: meals, rent, bills…et-cetera; and any job that will pay enough to provide for these should qualify for a ‘good job’…no need to turn it down, take it and work your way up.

When that phase is done, and we get older, we start thinking more long term; our health, eating better, living better, our safety, and improving on a thing or two…hence the need for higher pay. This is another part that “confuses” people, higher pay doesn’t necessarily mean moving to another job *though at times it does*, but it could also mean, go the extra mile where you are and earn that increment! Give the person who signs your pay check a reason to add that extra digit. E.a.r.n. it! But yes, if all fails, look elsewhere – it is easier to look for and find a job when you already have one.

In comes the social needs phase – wanting to get the good girl (or boy)J, the need to settle down, the need to go out to the best places, coolest parties, or maybe simply be happy in a cute little home…our priorities differ. Provided you’d have graduated / got through the security needs phase fine, this phase should be more or less a walk over.

The Esteem needs phase – – – – – this is where majority of people want to start, without necessarily working for it. It is one thing for people to respect / admire or hold you in high regard and it’s another to earn this status! You don’t just wake up in the morning and command respect from people, you work for that respect, then it’s given to you! You rise through the “ranks”, everyone recognizes and appreciates the good you have done and eventually without even asking for it, you will have respect…because you earned it. Fine, so maybe the job does not give you an air conditioned office, with your name on the door, a swinging chair, and a secretary to take your calls and schedule your appointments….if you’re still in the “physiological needs” phase of life, it would be very unwise to turn down a job offer or placement basing on those grounds. You have not yet reached that status and people who have that stuff, usually started way down!

The last stage – Self Actualisation – At this point, a person “has it all” and simply exists. We all want to get there someday, but no it does not and will not happen in a day, you work for it and earn it.

”The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” -Chinese Proverb


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