One Year Later :)

We’re almost there. 🙂

MBALE: DAY #365!!!!!!!! –> If you’d asked me, 5yrs ago, if i thought I’d live or survive even 30 days upcountry, I’d probably tell you, you’re over-estimating my “ninja-ness”! But I have survived, 365 days down, 365 more to go! It’s a year today since this project started and each day has been a learning experience! Yes, i get those moments when I feel half my life has been sucked out of me, by either loneliness, or fatigue or pure boredom; but like any other journey, there’s always humps, bumps pot holes and road blocks.

I remember the first day like it was yesterday! I remember staying up half that night waiting to hear strange sounds,,,like the mountain erupting for example,,,or a man being chased around in the middle of the night because he’s escaping circumcision! But it’s been a good year, I don’t have those many friends here but the few people I know and the ones i work with, have tried to make the stay so far, a good one.
The second part of the journey has started with an extra task, going back to class,,,School is hard, and gets tighter further up,,,, but I know what’s best for me, what I want and what I have to do to get it. So within the next year, hopefully the construction of the market will be completed and I will also have me a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Planning. I have faith that we will finish the market on time,,,,besides these people are really tough! They want their market back, no two ways about it! More than anything however, i have faith that I will ace my diploma! 🙂 It is no myth, God’s WILL will not take you where his GRACE will not sustain you! ♥

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