Finding a Reason to Celebrate our big 50th :)

Every now and then I laugh at a situation that’s happened on in our country…that’s because some of them are really funny, like the 73yr old who decided to go back to p1, or the people who plant trees in potholes….the list is endless; that doesn’t mean though that I don’t like the country! I looooove it! Proudly Ugandan! 🙂

Anyhow there are times when I’m with either or both of my parents driving through town and they randomly tell me something like, “there was a time we couldn’t drive through here! It was so unsafe!” or they tell me how there’s a time they would line up for soap, sugar and salt! She’s told me stories of the war, and how people, including themselves ran to Nairobi for safety….so many stories that leave me speechless and a bit sad! I cannot imagine living like that, in fear and anxiety all the time.

When I think it over and think about how relatively stable the country is now, not being thankful for the far God has brought us would be plain selfish and ungrateful! Other problems aside, we’re doing pretty okay; we all know some of our neighbours are a lot worse! It’s not been 50 years of absolute freedom; from my Social Studies and History classes in primary and high school, I know pretty much about the journey from 1962….. but at least we are civilized to some extent…that is something.

So yes, Happy 50th Uganda! Thank you Lord for bringing our country this far! 


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