Things School did not and will not teach me…but life has found its way of throwing them at me.

If I could describe the last couple of months, one year actually in one word, I’d say: transformation. Goodness! I have learned and transformed so much it freaks me out sometimes….the me now and the me before would probably clash over a number of things now.

  1. Prioritising: Yes, I knew exactly what this was before but never really did it the “right” way…it was more of wants over needs and immediate satisfaction! Now though,,,,I actually think through stuff. *Do I want this? Yeah. Do I need it? Maybe not. Should I get / do it? Well, if the results won’t kill you, yeah!* haha! Ok, not exactly like that, but these days, it’s needs over wants…and wants over needs when it’s “therapeutic”… sometimes we may not need something and merely want it, but having or doing it does make us feel better.
  2. Budgeting: From commerce and Economics class, I learnt this,,,,so maybe school taught me that. But back then that knowledge was mainly for passing exams……now I find myself actually writing down exactly how much I need to spend in a week, what value I shouldn’t go over, what to forego, what to push into the next week,,,generally stuff grownups do! Creepy!
  3. Eating the elephant in bits: Clearly you can’t eat it in a day! Literally! Same applies to life, there’s only so much I can do on a particular task, and if the day ends and I’ve put in all I could, then tomorrow is another day! And that brings me to;
  4. Maximizing my rest hours: Work, yes. Rest, definitely! In all honesty, nobody can get anything done when they’re all exhausted and worn out. These days, my rest time, is my rest time. A good nap, no radio, phone on silent, peace and quiet.
  5. Anger management: As much as I have learnt how to stand up for myself, to stay firm and true to what I believe in,,,I have mastered the art of anger management. People will not always agree with you, or do things the way you do, and will sometimes be plain annoying. At the start the fighter in me was all over the place trying to give a piece of my mind and whatever but now,,,,my theory is; take a deep breath in, let it out……grab my earphones and just shut it all out. You probably don’t agree with me, but it works. When it comes to ego issues, no need talking about and trying to solve things that will eventually escalate into other issues,,,,I choose to drop it. Not because I have run out of “ideas” but because, I’d rather be happy.

As much as there are courses, self help books, videos, name it…about dealing with certain life issues, some things are better learnt “on the job.” Fate puts us in certain situations or places where we have no alternative but to learn. And in this case, learning is actually growing up.

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