Me, worried…? naaaah! :)

Often times, I worry about so many things. Mostly things that I have no control over….about ‘dangers’ that are merely imaginary and not real. Eventually I find myself stressed, anxious and even depressed at times,,,Through it all however, I have learned to trust my unknown tomorrows with the one who holds all my tomorrows, the one who already knows what tomorrow is made of….My help comes from HIM. HE does not sleep or slumber, and he watches over me.

*The Truth*

Whenever I ever I find myself afraid and scared of the unknown, I pray the Lord teaches me to lean upon His promises and constantly remind me that HE will NEVER ever leave me.

My faith in HIM is not dependent on whether I become successful or not, it is dependent on the fact that HE loves me and will work all things for my good in the end.

HE’s awesome like that! ♥

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