Seriously have no time?

Ever been so busy to make time for someone,,,or ever been in such a terrible mood that you don’t want to see anyone, and so you come up with all these excuses about why you can’t meet them…Lord knows I have! We all get those moments when we simply don’t want to go, sometimes not because we have other commitments but because we “just” don’t want. I think this is perfectly ok, and normal if not done out of selfish desires…and quite frankly we ought to understand when people need their space.

But…..there’s something else, *Flash back moment*: When I was in high school, there’s a song we sung a lot about a man who prepared a feast and at the last moment, all his invited guests turned him down with all sorts of excuses; he got really mad and opened his house doors to all the street people, the beggars, homeless, people he had not invited earlier. Yes, he got mad but he didn’t sulk about it and watch his food go to waste, he looked for people who were willing to have the feast with him….The last part of the song makes us understand something else better….there are times when we get so “busy” for God even! Either we have class, work, or we have a party to go to, or whatever other commitments and forget that he’s the one who makes all these other things possible in the first place! But when he asks for a few minutes, we just don’t have the time,,,he just might ask somebody else to do it, if we’re slow to respond.

Same goes for people, if we fail to spare time for those that matter to us, without even knowing it, they’ll find other friends, people who have a moment or two to spare…..for a true friend is not one who finds time for you on their calendar, but one who doesn’t have to consult their calendar to make time for you! 🙂

Here’s the song; reading it like a story might be a little more fun. 🙂

1)A certain man held a feast on his fine estate in town.
He laid a festive table and wore a wedding gown.
He sent invitations to his neighbours far and wide
but when the meal was ready, each of them replied:

I cannot come to the banquet, I cannot come to the banquet,don’t trouble me now.I have married a wife; I have bought me a cow.I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum.Pray, hold me excused, I cannot come.

2)The master rose up in anger, called his servant by name,said:
“Go into the town, fetch the blind and the lame,
fetch the peasant and the pauper, for this I have willed,
my banquet seem so crowded, and my table must be filled.

3)When all the poor had assembled, there was still room to spare, so the master demanded: “Go search every where, to the highways and the byways and force them to come in. My table must be filled before the banquet can begin.

4)Now God has written a lesson for the rest of the mankind;
If we’re slow a responding, he may leave us behind.
He’s preparing a banquet for that great and glorious day
when the Lord and Master calls us, be certain not to say:

I cannot come….

~~ There really is no such thing as being thaaaaaaat busy…..if some thing / one is thaaaat important to you, you will make the time.~~~

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