*Singing* oooooohhhhh life goes on….. :)

Life really does go on….

Let’s imagine the sun and the rain cloud have this contest every single day,,,where when the sun wins, we have a sunny day and when the rain cloud wins, we have a rainy one. Each single day we wake up, either the sun’s out or there’s a drizzle or a storm…sometimes it’s cloudy but i’m not going to focus on that for now…so that I bring out my point clearly.

Now, away from the weather a little bit…..imagine each time we take on a challenge or experience something, it’s a contest. A contest that life has put us in, a contest between us and that…thing, situation, challenge, whatever. Each time, we win, well we’ve won, and each time we don’t, that thing / situation / challenge has won.

Back to the weather —> even after multiple consecutive days of rain, the sun doesn’t sulk about its multiple “losses” and say, “i’ll never shine again!” Eventually on a random beautiful morning, it does rise and it shines again, and sometimes all through the day and soooo hot that we wish for the rain for just a second. And similarly the rain cloud does not whine about its “so many losses” when the sun shines for days endless! Before we know it, even on the hottest of days, a downpour comes from no where and washes away the heat, dust and in its own way cleanses us!

Same with us, there really is no point in sulking forever when things go wrong or don’t go our way,,,,and sometimes by the way, just because they don’t go our way, doesn’t mean they went wrong, they probably actually “went right” and we just did not realise it. 🙂 If there is one thing my not-so-old 24year old self has learnt over time,,,,and is still learning, it is this…..Life goes on,,,it’s best if it never leaves you behind crying over spilt milk.

Some times we make such thorough preparation for rainy days that we forget to enjoy today’s sunshine. (paraphrased – William Feather)

“Give thanks for the rain in your life which waters the flowers of your soul.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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