* tHe rEaSoN fOr tHe sEaSoN *

Isn’t it weird that on our birthdays, we receive gifts from our friends, loved ones and well wishers…and on Jesus’ birthday, well……we still give OURSELVES gifts, no we don’t exactly give the birthday boy. We share the gifts ourselves. So who gets to give him presents? Just imagine what you would feel like if your friends made you a birthday party and exchanged gifts among themselves (for you birthday) and you got nothing…it wouldn’t make sense, would it? The only gift giving we know of was when he was born, many years ago; when the wise men brought him stuff….but turns out, as we continue to celebrate his birthday each year, the gifts instead go to us….and as a result, I think we have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

Flashback –> I’m going to try and make my own version of how the first Christmas came about….After everything that happened in the old testament, God thought to himself about how best to save mankind; how to put us back on the right path. I mean the world had already disappointed him so much before that he’d sent down a fire once *Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 19:23-25* and then a flood on another occasion *Noah and the ark – Genesis 7*

So I think one day, he sat down and came up with an idea, to send a part of himself to us through someone who would be like us, in flesh. And that person would over the years teach people the right thing to do, work miracles and so many things that would get the world to believe in a much higher power; in a God! When HIS work was done, he would take him back, and he chose a very brutal way to do that…a sacrifice that only a person full of LOVE can make for another person. This “someone” that God decided to send, was JESUS. He came, he suffered and he died so that we would live a good life.


This is what makes me believe that the true meaning of Christmas is CHRIST. And Christ is LOVE. So the meaning of Christmas is LOVE. The reason for the season is LOVE.

There really is nothing material we can give him for a birthday present because he’s got everything! He’s got so much that all we have HE gave us, according to his riches! Imagine this; he supplies the whole world! What could we possibly give him????? This is why we need to get back to the basics and consider the reason for the season, CHRIST –> LOVE. If we can’t give him tangible gifts, then we can do things for other people who are less privileged than we are, to remind them of HIS love; to share with them what we have…..as much as we would be giving these people, I believe this would be our birthday present to CHRIST; showing love to the less fortunate. Inviting them into our homes and sharing meals with them, or even visiting them and taking them the stuff they need but cannot afford…this is the true meaning and true reason for the season!

Many of us might say we don’t know any needy people, or we don’t know where to find them or maybe some people are blessed to have everybody around them in perfect condition. The truth of the matter is however, there are needy people all around us. Just look around you… They don’t even have to be your relatives, total strangers who will never pay you back in their life time… those are the people that need us! By reaching out to these people, we will remind ourselves what Christmas is all about.

In case you absolutely know nobody in need, I can give you 100+ children whose Christmas you can make a little more special than it would have been. More special and different from what they have been used to….the kids at God’s Grace Orphanage, Kyebando, under the 40 days, over 40 smiles project * https://www.facebook.com/groups/183400765103610/ *.  My friend Essie * https://www.estherkalenzi.wordpress.com * and her team have worked round the clock since Easter to make sure that these kids have the basics they need to live well, from meals (balanced meals) to medical care, to education and this team is now working towards giving the children a wonderful Christmas this year. Unlike many of us, these kids have not grown up in stable homes, with parents and luxuries but in an orphanage, with so many other kids they’re not even related to; each with a different painful story to tell…they have not exactly had the opportunity to have three meals a day on a daily plus some forced meals at strange hours like break tea and 4pm tea…or special treats for being good….or birthday parties or whatever….they have simply survived on what is available. They don’t have family clinics or doctors to immediately attend to them when they are ill…These are things some of us probably grew up thinking were our given rights and probably thought every child was like that and had them….So yes, be a part of this….make this year’s Christmas special for these kids, if you can. Let’s teach and show them the real meaning of the season. Let’s give them Christmas. Let’s give them LOVE.

And at the end of it all, when the day ends….let’s always be reminded to keep Christmas (LOVE) IN US ALL THROUGH THE YEAR!


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