On Burning Bridges……

People often say….when somebody hurts you, burn all bridges!

If we think of it in the literal sense, bridges connect places…they do not necessarily lead to a particular person but to a place where that person is, along with looooots of other people and loooots of other places……so burning the entire bridge would technically mean cutting off all access to that place, access to that person, to all the other people in that place and to all the other things that place would have offered.

I’d like to use a rather unrealistic example to sort of make my point a little clearer; if this town, that I live in right now, treated me so harshly such that on the day I complete my work here and pack and leave, the moment I crossed Owen falls bridge, I set it on fire, simply because I never want to come back here…..that would mean that I would not be able to access all other towns after the bridge, including my very own village…

So I say, when someone hurts you and the friendship is “unsalvageable”, don’t burn that bridge….simply walk the other direction…you never know when you will need to use that same bridge to get back to that place or a place farther from it, but for absolutely different reasons. But if you must really do away with the bridge, best be sure you can swim first….and not just a swimmer, but a good one.

“Mend fences, build bridges, forgive trespasses, grieve losses and let grudges go.”


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