New Beginnings. Same Hopes. Same Dreams. Same Faithful God!

If I could describe 2012 in two words, I’d say, BITTER-SWEET. In every sense of the word. It has given me some of the happiest and fondest memories, the very best, and then the saddest moments ever. I smiled and laughed so much but then I also filled plenty of buckets when I cried. At the end of the day, God is God and HE is Good. We are human and it’s perfectly okay to lose sometimes.

HE puts a balance to everything; HE created day and night, and seasons to remind us that no situation or condition is permanent – everything, good or bad, eventually does come to an end. And with this, HE expects us to learn to maximally enjoy the happy times, and not get so downcast by the not-so-happy ones, because they too will pass.Through it all, I have been taught that as sure as the sun goes down each day and comes back up the next, and i’m still alive, there’s always a next time. What matters is picking the lesson out of every situation, because there is always one to learn.

After all is said and done, and our time here is up-and it will eventually because ‘earth is only an “inn” and we’re just passing through’; people might not remember what you gave them or what you said to them, but will most certainly remember how you made them feel, good and / or bad. So I have learnt to be good to people, because everyone’s fighting their own demons, make their life a little less stressful by not adding yourself to the list of things they have to worry about!

Here’s to New beginnings, getting older and wiser and to more beneficial friendships!



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