Rest Easy Pam…Rest Easy. ❤ ♡ ❤

In 2001 when I met you in Ms. Kirabo’s class; S1k, Gayaza High School…my excitement could have passed for the rural kind…mainly because the ‘brightest girl in the country’ then, was in my class. 🙂  I remember telling my mother that! My words exactly, “that girl, the one who was the best in PLE,,,,the one who was on the front page of the news paper,  is in my class!”  Now you see what I mean by rural excitement. And then it later turned out we were even in the same dormitory, sherborne! 🙂 yeah, I went home and posed some more.

All through high school, the entire six years Pam, you were always the jolly one! Despite everything, the sickness and the pain, you brought joy to everybody! You lived a happy life and you enjoyed your life in every possible way! You were strong, stronger than some of us even…whenever you got sick and bounced back days or weeks later, I was always amazed at what a fighter you were!

You shared everyone’s happiness…had so much energy for everyone’s party or celebration and nothing in the world made you happier than having those closest to you extremely happy, you were absolutely selfless. You lived and you loved, Pam!

For the 10+ years I knew you, I am are forever grateful to God…and more so that I didn’t only know you, but you were my friend! With the strength and courage of a super hero and the heart and smile of an angel!

Rest Easy Pamela. Rest in paradise our pamsie wamsie!


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