Note to (my 25Year-Old) Self

25 today……….that’s a quarter a century you know. Not very old, but yeah, it is….a quarter of a century! 🙂 We shouldn’t exactly make a huuuuuge deal out of it because, lots of people turn 25 everyday and I’m not the first, so yeah, let’s cut back on the excitement a little.

However, there’s a lot to reflect on over the last two and a half decades; Plenty to be grateful for and lots of lessons to take with me into the next 25 or so years. Let’s start with the basics….I’ve had an education, and not just an education but the best….I have made friends, good friends I believe….I have a wonderful family, nuclear and extended…A career,,,,,hmmmm…not yet at the top, but working my way there. I can comfortably say, I’m doing fine; we live in a world where people cannot afford a basic education or don’t have family or friends even….so for these seemingly small things, I’m more than grateful to God.

The lessons:

–> Over the years, I have learned that crying will not always solve my problems. I think God gave me an overdose of tears really! I usually have this cry first then think and act later thing going on.

–> I have also learned that with life, everything comes to an end, good or bad. This has taught me to cherish the good and keep my chin up through the bad. That in all challenges, is a hidden blessing that only unveils itself if you are willing to let go of the old and receive the new. 🙂

–> I have learned to value my true friendships because like plants, if well nurtured, they grow over time and bear fruit, good fruit. 🙂

–> I have learnt that when something goes wrong, something really terrible and heartbreaking happens, it takes a little while sometimes to recover from it; and this “little while” is not constant for everyone…each person, just like we each have unique thumb prints, has their own “little while”…just because mine may sometimes take longer than other people, it doesn’t mean recovery won’t happen. 🙂 so when it comes to issues regarding getting myself off the ground or back on my feet, I have nothing but time….so whatever it is, I will always give it time.

–> I have learnt that family is everything. It is God’s gift to us and being there for each other in whatever possible way we can, is our way of saying thank you to HIM for this gift.

–> Saved the best for last: I have learnt to TRUST GOD in everything and through everything! And no, not just through the bad times, the good too, because however good a situation is or however successful I might end up, without acknowledging God’s role in it all, I might just be wasting my time.

~~~With all that said (written)…I guess it’s only proper to say, Happy Birthday Me! 🙂 Thank You Lord for another year!!!!

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