Keep Calm….and Eat Chocolate :-)

One of the things I have learnt in the last couple of years is knowing when to stay calm….I am still learning by the way…trying not to be so quick to attack (or judge) or “defend” myself as I prefer to put it sometimes, but instead watch the situation and see how long it carries on…and then maybe then I can fight or walk away.

I read a story *I guess by now you have noticed that as much as I claim not to be a reader, I read quite a lot-ish*..anyhow, the story illustrated what I am trying to put across very well. It is about a lady who while waiting for her flight, decided to buy a Kit Kat chocolate bar to eat…of course she bought it to eat it not to stare at it! 🙂

In the crowded waiting area she saw an empty seat at the end of a row. She probably thought to herself that someone in the same situation as her could have seen the seat as well so she rushed to get it. When she reached, she quickly hang her hand bag against the end of the row, sat down, & placed her purse & several small items on the table between her & another man seated there, & then turned back to straighten her hand bag.

With everything finally in order, she was ready to eat her chocolate. But to her surprise, as she started to reach for it, she saw the man in the seat next to her tearing the wrap off her chocolate bar, & she stared in utter amazement as he broke off a section & ate it.

She thought, “Well, my goodness, I’ve never seen such balls.” She looked straight at him, & he looked at her, but no words were exchanged.

She was so mad at him for what he had done that she decided that if he was going to be that unashamed about it, she could be bold, too. So she reached over, broke off a piece & ate it herself. Then he broke off another piece & ate it.

It had now become a contest between the two of them, or at least that is what it looked like, to see who would eat the most. Soon the bar was consumed, & she sat there just boiling that someone would be so rude & so presumptuous as to eat half of her chocolate.

After a few minutes of silence, the man got up & left & then came back with another Kit Kat chocolate bar. He unwrapped it, broke off a piece & started eating. She thought, “Well, since he ate half of mine, I’m going to eat half of his.” So she reached over & broke off another piece & ate it.

Once again they were at it, until the whole candy bar was gone. She sat there thinking, “This is the most ridiculous thing that has happened to me in my whole life.” She continued to “side-eye” at him, & he looked at her, with neither one saying a word.

Just then, over the intercom they announced that her plane was ready for boarding. So she opened her purse to get her boarding pass and, to her utter embarrassment, shock and everything in between, real *1st degree* embarrassment… there was her Kit Kat chocolate bar. She had eaten half of 2 of the man’s bars, and her own bar was still in her purse!

For some reason the story ends there…hihihihi!

So let’s give it a part two: she realizes she was wrong, apologises and offers him the bar that was hers….he decides they should split it instead, and they lived happily ever after. 🙂

Ooooorrrrrr: she realizes she was wrong, low key “dies” of embarrassment but instead just gets up and leaves and the man is left wondering if she was a nut case or plain rude…

Ooooorrr: well, I can’t come up with another ending but what I know for sure is that, the fact that these two people kept calm, pretty much saved the day! She could have gone all ninja-warrior on him for “stealing” her chocolate and if he was a short tempered fellow, Lord knows he would have retaliated or something, because I mean, he was actually innocent….

So yes, sometimes things seem like they keep getting wrong for no apparent reason, but that’s all it is, it just “seems” but actually isn’t…nothing is wrong and the only way to see that is by staying calm…and enjoying your chocolate…try and analyse the situation, from within.

keep calm...

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