Ever After…. :-)

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Date – 17th April, 2013

*Writing this post about a month early because that’s how much it’s been on my mind*

Every start of a new year, I look forward to particular days in that year…..not that I am not grateful for other days, but these ones are simply, special. 🙂 There’s my birthday in February, then some two other dates in May, *which I’m going to write about fully in this post*, then my brothers’ birthdays in July and October and then 25th and 31st December for obvious reasons. 🙂

Those two special dates in May >>> May 18th is mum and dad’s anniversary….So yes, it’s the day they had their church wedding more than a decade ago, but I choose to take it as that one day in the year that I *with them* celebrate how long they have been together and considering the fact that I am now 25, that’s a pretty long time! 🙂

Ten days later >>> May 28th, their birthday! And yes, no mistake there. I really did mean, THEIR birthday…both of them….May 28th, 1955 while dad was being born in one town, mum was being born in another! How awesome is that??!!!

I can’t begin to even imagine what that feels like, or what their reactions were the first time they realized they had the same birthday but I can only say, God’s got a dope sense of humor! People often talk about, so and so is a match made in heaven…but honestly there’s no cliché here, this really is a match made in heaven…God called the angels round a table and said to them, “want to see something awesome? That little boy and this little girl born today will marry and have kids some day” and the angels must have gone like, “aweeeeeesssssoooommmmeeee!”

These two are my pillars! My biggest fans! My biggest motivation! The reason I am so strong. Yes, I believe I am strong, hihi. Don’t let this tiny body fool you! They have given me the best brothers any girl would ever asked for…and sometimes when I’m with mum talking or working on something or whatever, I tell myself, having a sister would have ruined this! *don’t shoot me* but yes, she’s my mother but when I need a sister figure, she’s superwoman like that and can play the role just as well.

There’s that song by Judith Babirye, about mothers not having duplicates…as much as I totally agree with everything she sang, just like I have told some of my friends before, I think she should have done a song for dads as well. Someone once said, any man can be a father but it takes a special kind of man to be a dad…and yes, like mums, they too have no duplicates. I remember attending a function one time with dad and a gentleman seated across from us, after staring for such a long time, asked dad, “why does your daughter look so much like you?” and dad told him, “because she’s mine.” I laughed so hard but also realized that he was right. I am his daughter; sometimes I do things that get me thinking, that is definitely dad’s gene! The disciplinarian in him has managed to make my siblings and I not just responsible adults but hardworking and caring as well.

My parents have taught us and everyone who has passed through their care the position God should take in our lives, the meaning of hard work, the meaning of friendships, true value of family; nuclear and extended and have instilled in us the spirit of humility. And above all, never at any one point have they abandoned or neglected any of us; in their own way, they have given us the best.

I could go on and on but that would make the post tooooo long you would need like 10 years to read it!

You think you have an idea of how excited I get for my birthday???? Now multiply that by ten and then double it…that’s how excited I am for May 28th! Last year I got most of their friends, emptied my savings and my brothers’ and we had a celebration…it was supposed to be a surprise, but sometimes mum has her way of making me tell her things, so anyway it was dad’s surprise. 🙂 This year I don’t seem to have any plans yet, but the day will definitely not pass by un-noticed!

Happy Birthday Mum! Happy Birthday Dad! May God sustain you!

Clovis, Solo and I.

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