Item 39….check

Before I even start confusing you, item 39 is something I crossed off my bucket list!

I did that….I crossed an item off my bucket list. Item 39 was “attempt to climb a mountain”…and today, I didn’t only attempt, I CLIMBED ONE! Wanale Mountain, Mbale Google it


Last week I got an invitation to go hiking, but either I saw the message late, or he really did send it in late. So it was really short notice, and my weekends are already occupied – school. I relayed my apologies and promised to tag along the week after.

I looked forward to the weekend all week! Saturday came and of course I had to go to class, but had already made up my mind that for this particular weekend, Sunday class was out because I was going hiking! In my defense, I had all the module notes already, had got the course work first thing Saturday morning and quite frankly, not attending on Sunday, was not thaaaaaaaaat bad

Sunday morning excitement was on another level! My friend, Stella, was supposed to come over so we go meet the rest of the team together and I packed everything I thought we would need. Back pack was set, and when she came, we didn’t waste any time and went to the Hotel, to meet everyone else.


On the team, I’d never met anyone before, including the person who invited me. However, I did know his name. So minus Stella, I pretty much met everyone else for the first time that morning….and so we started off our journey. They didn’t lie at any one point; an hour into the journey and they said, “this is not even it Jem. We’re still warming up!” And at this point, I was already panting so I just side-eyed the guy who called this a warm up. 🙂

We eventually branched off the road and started the serious uphill trek…we went up and up and uuupppp it was a lot of work! I won’t even lie! The guys on the team said the other week, one of the ladies, a first timer like Stella and I, said this experience was more stressful than having a baby! Hahaha! I have never had a baby so I don’t know if this was an exaggeration; but if you have, then imagine the level of pain I was experiencing.  My knees gave way more than once, I fell, they shook but I kept going, we all kept going. I had multiple pit stops and sort of slowed the team down, but nope, they didn’t give up on me! I had a hand to hold whenever I needed one, whoever’s it didn’t matter, the person who was in front of me at that time, was my support. At some point I slowed down so much and Musa, one of the team “pros” had to come back for me. It was that serious.


Anyhow, after what seemed like eternity, we did get to the top and the beauty there is absolutely worth the journey!


There’s this water mini crater-like thingie….that we called a cold-Jacuzzi but the difference with a real Jacuzzi is that, this was definitely natural, i.e. God made, and the water in it was sooooooo cold, when I got into it, I instantly froze! I couldn’t feel my feet, my fingers got numb, it was unbelievable! But the funny part was, eventually this wears off, you get used to it. And after the long trek uphill, the best thing you can do, to ‘heal’ the sore feet and everything, is getting into the Jacuzzi! It actually works, you feel a lot better. My once-upon-a-time ‘ruptured’ knees were back! The ice cold water takes the pain away.


This not-so-little adventure got me thinking about lots of things:

  • God is amazing! How he put all this together in seven days, is beyond me! From way up there, at the peak, looking down and realizing how beautiful everything is…it’s a beautiful world.
  • I did this for adventure, the team, it was just another Sunday drill….both ways, we did it for fun; but on the same mountain slopes were people who do this as a life style…old women, children, walking up and down this hill on a daily, for food, to go to school, to go to hospital…my heart did sink a bit at some point. Many times, we feel we have issues or problems, but there are people who have it way worse! The sooner we get to realize this, the more grateful we will be for the things we have, that we often take for granted.
  • A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet…..I went up the mountain with one friend, I came down with six!
  • The mountain represented life….the trek represented the things life puts us through…the different things, good and bad. Sometimes we went downhill, that was the great part, we did some flat parts, that was awesome, like a breather; and then we’d have the steep uphill part and those times, I could go just a few steps and my legs failed me….at that point, I had to hold someone’s hand to keep going, and someone always offered their hand to make sure I kept going. That right there is life…..with the right hand to hold, nothing can’t be done.
  • It is no myth, when you set your mind on something, you can’t fail at it. Yes, you will fall, lots of times; Lord knows the number of times each one on the team fell! It sort of became normal, thankfully nobody was hurt. But we had our eyes set on the “Jacuzzi” at the top, we had to get there, and we did. I woke up Sunday morning and told myself I had a mountain to climb, and I climbed it!
  • Until you do something in life that scares the hell out of you, you really haven’t lived! I think I did mine.


10 Replies to “Item 39….check”

    1. haha! the list is actually longer than 39….longer than 50 even! Call me crazy. 🙂 and i don’t cross off the items in any particular order…on a random day i decided to climb the mountain and somehow it was #39 on my list.

  1. Good stuff Jem. I look forward to climbing this mountain sometime soon. My first mountain climbing experience was in 1997, i reached the top of the shortest peak of the Rwenzori.

  2. And i get to see this today!!!yup we did it….and i am totally thankful to you for stringing me along..glad i did it with you*thats a fact that cant be erased***

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