Once upon a time at Uni……

This is a story about 6 girls on a journey….with no idea about what the future holds, but entrusting it with and putting it in the hands of an all knowing God….and making the trip a fun ride while at it. 🙂

2007, that’s where it all started…University; Akamwesi hostel to be exact, that’s where this little “thing” started.

Year 1; I have gone over the story of how I met my first roommates….but I will just repeat it; summarized though. I went to the custodian, asked him to give me a room, he asked if I had a roommate already, I told him, I wanted to room with a stranger – and that is how I met Patricia Kamara, and her sister Fay, so yeah, both Pat and Fay were my first uni roommates. Fay is Pat’s older sister and well, she became mine then. 🙂

Year 2 – Year 3; I don’t remember why and how we got new rooms, but I ended up rooming with Diana, aka ‘Orange’……the origin of the orange name will have to be another post altogether…..at the same time, Claiour and Diane shared a room on the floor right above ours, same floor as Fay and Patricia…

Fay says we’re kids so she runs away from our thing thingies. 🙂

So girl no#6 in this journey is actually Masi……who was all the way in Nana but, well….nothing a boda boda ride could not fix.

School eventually ended and from experience, at least from what happened post-high school, people usually grow apart….take different paths, develop different interests or whatever and some friendships, for lack of a better word…..fade.

While at uni, we celebrated pretty much all our achievements, and birthdays and everything worth celebrating….had tea in each other’s rooms, we were each other’s third roommate…I mean, Diana and I were roomies, but Claire probly had a cup there or Diane a pair of shoes or Patricia a comb or something; same with their rooms….

We all left hostel and nothing changed…minus the fact that we don’t live together anymore…give us a table anywhere and chairs, even if it’s in a shop, and it’s like you’d have pressed play on a cassette player! It’s always laughs on laughs on laughs, sharing our highs, lows, achievements, disappointments, and making better plans. And no, we don’t just wait for birthdays to sit together and catch up…any time is catch up time….i’m certain we would do this even over one bottle of soda. With the constant back and forth messages, it’s like we’re still just rooms (and a boda boda) apart and everyone is always updated about everything!

The most surprising thing is that we are not thaaaaaat alike…character-wise:


She’s the fashionista! Give her a needle and thread and a piece of cloth and you have made her day! Or beads, gems and wire and you will have her in her zone! If we have a theme-event, best believe she will out-do everyone, because to begin with, she’ll have made the outfit herself, so clearly, points for being original = 100%! She’s always the happy one in the group! Kamara’s happiness level on a scale of 1-10 is on 15! Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?!!




Diana is the frank one….never to tell lies. And that’s why we love her. Her honesty is admirable, does not sugar coat situations and that’s how we all keep in line. It’s one thing to have a friend, and another to have someone leading you into the wrong direction. She keeps us all on track and constantly reminds us of what is important. If we were arranged according to “mental maturity” she would be on top of the list. She’s the one who keeps us all ‘alive’…whenever any of us needs a shoulder; Diana’s is there…she’s superwoman like that.




Ms. Lutaaya…soon to be Mrs. Kasule is the queen! If we had two benches to squeeze on, the five of us would have to squeeze on one and Diane sits on hers alone….no room or time for stress! Haha! When they all came to visit me upcountry and we had to share the sleeping space, sleeping bags and all, the free mattress was Diane’s… the rest of us had to sort ourselves out. Hihihi! This is what we all want really. Being around her reminds us each time that your life is just as joyful as you make it; if you decide to let the world stress you, it gladly will….but if u decide to choose joy, deal with and forget about the bad days as and when they come in, and dwell on the beautiful days…then you actually end up having a joyful life.




Mastulla (hajatti) is a natural in everything she does…I could say, YOLO is her motto. We even have a dress-style named after her. Like Orange, she also says it as it is….more direct than Orange even; say, Orange will tell you your top is ‘different’…and Masi will tell you, it is ‘strange’…both of them describing the same thing, it would be up to you to take a hint. 🙂 When a plan comes up, usually the first person on board is her, even when she’s clueless of the details…all factors constant, she’s very intelligent.




Two words – Go getter! Patricia always says, Claiour has so much energy for life she even walks so fast! Hahaha! And by the way she does; walking on the street with her, she’ll be a few steps ahead of you! Her energy for life motivates all of us; with her anything and everything can be done! When she sets a target, consider it achieved before she even embarks on it.



>> Jem

Well, it would be very odd for me to describe myself…since I’m the one writing this. But in a line or two I’d say, I make the lists…..like I just listen to what everyone has to say, and make the list…and execute the plan. *Of course I am sure that has confused you, but if you get to talk to any one of them, they will explain better* 🙂



“…material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but, basically, if you do not have very good friends who matter to you and look out for you, life will be really empty and sad and the material things cease to be important…”


One thought on “Once upon a time at Uni……

  1. stella says:

    this is absolutely beautifullll and i mean that with four L’s……your friends are lucky to have you and the same for you.

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