Keep Calm…..and use spell-check :-)

Notice the smiley at the end of the title? Yeah….i make sure I put it at the end, each time I correct someone’s typo….because in all honesty, I do it in good faith, with a smile. It’s never that serious really, just fun and games. 🙂

So anyway, today I was thinking about the fact that I notice spelling and grammatical errors like anywhere, on news bulletin bottom screen headlines, newspaper articles,  emails, some website write-ups….everywhere and I laughed so hard because I think I know exactly where and how it started!

In primary school, I was a bright girl…..I’m not even bragging by the way, but yeah, either school was so easy then or my brain was too sharp. By bright I mean, first-in-class-every-end-of-term-for-all-the-seven-years-bright. Ok maybe not every term, there must have been a few terms where I came second. 🙂 still, I am not bragging, call it testifying! 🙂

This one time, must have been P.6 or P.7…the teacher of English (yes, it is teacher of English, not English teacher….because she was Ugandan, not English) *insert smile*…anyhow, she came to class to return our beginning of term test and well, I was in a government school, that one near Sheraton and just below State house Nakasero…got it? Yeah, that one….and caning, was something that happened often. I guess the teachers believed that the only way to get the kids to behave was to discipline them…with a cane.

When she gave out the scripts, she said she was going to punish two categories of people; those who’d scored less marks than on the previous test and those she considered plain careless. With my 96% I got comfortable because it was higher than my last score and…I had the highest score! So anyway, she started reading names, and got done with those who had under scored. Then when she started on category 2, I got the shock of my life! My name was first on it! Now, I may be able to handle many things, but canes and injections, no thank you. It’s like a near death experience – no exaggeration. Something like this kid’s expression…


She asked me to open my paper to a particular number she’d put a star on and asked me to read the sentence…..I  don’t remember what the exact sentence was, all I know is that I had written “angle” for *angel*….imagine reading something like ‘angle Gabriel’.  There and then I knew that however much I pleaded, she was not going to spare me….and yeah; she gave me two hot ones! I remember going back to my seat, putting my head on the desk and crying my troubles away. 🙂

It’s not like by noticing every spelling mistake now, I’m out to revenge or something *insert hysterical laugh*…it’s just that I read everything twice…to make sense of it. Like when someone writes, “the dog has buried it’s bone”….I read the *it’s* in full, a second time: “the dog has buried *it is* bone” and see, it doesn’t make sense…so the person should have written *its*..


When a grammar Nazi corrects someone’s typo, it’s usually nothing personal….unless they are correcting another Nazi, or someone they don’t like so people ought to let loose of their fun side and laugh it off, and avoid getting caught next time. 🙂

nazi1  nazi7

Everyone might know what you’re trying to say….but a grammar Nazi will correct you to annoy you…let it slide…don’t let them, us, get to you! 🙂


As much as I say it’s never that serious, when it comes to official communications like emails or whatever, it is serious. Spell-check is your friend…proofread before hitting send. Don’t be sending people emails reading *FIY* for *FYI* or with lose/loose, were/where/we’re, their/there/they’re, hear/here, staff/stuff , its/it’s, mix ups. Sometimes you might end up sending out a totally different message!


Somebody puts a poster on his car, “For sale, buy owner”……who / what exactly am I buying? He probably meant *by* owner..



A story is told of a man who went on vacation, and texted his wife, “I wish you were her” and didn’t understand why the Mrs. was so angry about it, threatening to pack her bags and all; until he realized he wanted to type, “I wish you were HERE”…so clearly he had a lot of explaining to do!

So anyway at the end of the day, typos happen…….


If you can’t beat their argument, correct their grammar…..and spelling. 🙂


Be gentle….and have fun while at it! Insert a smiley face at the end of the correction. 🙂 There’s bigger things in life to worry about than people who can’t take a little clean humor.


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