Because it’s my brother’s birthday……

To the very very first friend life gave me, the person who literally moves around with a bit of my heart inside him, the person who makes up a quarter of my other wing *the details of my second wing will have to be another post altogether* … younger brother, Semo…Happy happiest birthday! My mummy’s baby, my daddy’s ninja, my big brother Solomon’s right-hand-man! We’ve grown up so fast, and you even faster than I have, minus the fact that you’re bigger than me, you do things that amaze me! Things that make me wonder how possible it is that I was born before you!


When we were younger, we fought, drove each other crazy, when I needed a sister, you had dolls too so you’d play the part perfectly; sometimes, I had soccer shoes at some point, I had to play soccer with you and Solomon and somehow your teammates just had to understand that I had to play…no questions asked….. and at the end of it all, if anything made you cry, I cried as well; and when I cried, you sulked!


You have always been the quiet one, the brave one and everyone thinks you’re shy….but they don’t know you like I do! 🙂 Your love for soccer is on another level, so much that you can name the entire Uganda cranes team, the whole Arsenal team and subs, and all the other premier league teams and yes, if Kazakhstan has a soccer team, I’m sure you know those ones also!


I wish nothing but happiness for you; Countless blessings from the Lord, joy, peace, success, long life, good health and everything nice! May God give you all the desires of your heart and may you continue to make HIM and all of us proud!


Happy Birthday S.K. Clovis!



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