Go for it!

I haven’t written in a while….been running up and down…pretty much operating in auto-pilot you would say.

The project (i.e my employment assignment) is coming to an end, as good as that sounds, that’s like the hardest stage on a construction project! It’s like everything stalls and movement is one step forward, three backwards!

School is coming to an end…around the same period the official ending-time for the project is….so it’s been tests, tests and more tests and then exams are going to start in about for weeks.

The undecided weather extremes have been harsh on my system so i’ve been in and out of clinics with respiratory issues (mild though) so no need for alarm…so i’ve either been back and forth on the road or on a ‘medical date’ with my doctor.

With all this happening though, I did manage to stop for a moment to ‘see life’….on one random day when I met an old man, Cosmas.

There are all sorts of people at my site…and of all ages. The really ‘old’ do the less hectic work like sweeping and moving light things. This particular day, I had no reason whatsoever to be at the site, my computer had crashed the week before and had been taken for fixing.. without it, I can’t get a lot done. But I went to the site anyway and when I got to the site office, I met this old man, who seemed like he was waiting for someone; well, i just went about my business.

After about 5minutes, he approached me with what he was reading….and asked if I had a minute. I had all morning anyway so I told him it was okay…then he asked for help. He had a book with pure maths calculations in it…he wanted me to take him through the steps that he had failed to get…I’m talking an old man of about 60 or more. He told me he’d gone back to school to study an ordinary diploma in civil engineering…his last level of education before that was p7….He had been at the site for a while, but I never would have known what his story was just by saying hullo in the morning. He was doing his industrial training, to get his diploma award, I’m such a softie when it comes to certain things, and this story totally broke my heart on so many levels.

  1. I did maths all through high school, and even with my add maths background from O’level, A’level maths was still difficult….I didn’t see how someone could possibly grasp what was in there when the last time he was in class was in p7!
  2. I imagined his children were my age or older…..and I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not they help with his homework.

That day, he was working on his report as well and asked me to read through it…as much as I did that, my mind was far away; I kept thinking about all the things I haven’t done because I felt it was too late for me or I didn’t have the time and I was challenged by this old man. I don’t know if he had gone back to school with a hope of getting qualifications for employment or simply to accomplish a dream he’s always had…..whatever the case, I made a choice that day, that self pity should never be an option for me or anyone for that matter!

Go for it!

Go for it!


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