burn out and then some……

Have you ever really reeaaallllyyyy wanted to pee and there was no loo nearby…and somehow you manage to “tie” till you get home or something; and the moment you’re like 2minutes away from the destination i.e. the toilet, the system that has managed to be strong all these hours, suddenly wants to give way? *insert hysterical laugh* Well, that is how I feel right now on my project….

The first project I ever worked on, was during my under grad intern-training and I realised that this particular project had two contracts scheduled. The one running then, was for the structure i.e. the shell, then after that, there was going to be another contract award and signing for the finishing works. Since I was ‘new in the game’ at that time, I didn’t understand why that was so, and saw it as a waste of time and resources.

Fast forward…four years later, it all makes sense now. The project I am currently working on, is the ‘one contract’ type and is in its final stages, you would say. Month 23 out of 24….finishes! I could scream..and no not because I am excited about anything, but because it feels like we have just started a whole new project altogether! It’s like a whole new start…so frustrating! As much as there is work going on, it feels like one step forward, four backwards! Now I understand why someone would just want to put up the shell and ‘move on’. After 20+ months, I’m telling you, one is so tired, mentally…financially and ‘motivationally’ *i know that word probably does not exist*…but yes, I’m sure you understand. It would make much more sense for another person to start from this point to the end…like in relays….you know.

burnt out dog

Anyhow, why am I ranting? Because, I am totally spent. If I could get a whole month of un-interrupted sleep starting the day after this project is commissioned and handed over, I will be glad. 🙂


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