Because it’s my (older) brother’s birthday…..

brotherThey say, friends come and go….just like day and night or the seasons; but what they forget is that some friendships don’t just go….infact they are here to stay! Those are the friendships we have with our siblings.

Even when I want to switch off my phone and go AWOL from the world for a bit, there’s two people I simply cannot switch off from that easy…my brothers. Today is the older one’s birthday and it’s another one of my happy days in the year!

I usually say, I have two wings that keep going each day; one of those wings is a combination of my 2 brothers…there is absolutely nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for these two gentlemen…and that is not just a statement. If I were a car, one would be my fuel and the other my engine…there is nothing I can do that can bring me joy if I was not certain I was going to share this joy with them in a way.

Today I celebrate this young man for the responsible, kindhearted, hardworking and selfless person he has grown into and is still becoming…..and for being my brother and one of my best friends.


Happy Birthday Solomon! ♥


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