Because we all can’t be the same…….

Lol! Really Chameleon?!Have you ever sat and wondered what the rainbow would look like if it was just one solid colour? Say, just blue….or green….it’d be dull, right? Nothing really spectacular about it. Or have you ever ordered for a fruit salad in a restaurant or someplace else and the bowl comes with a lot more of one fruit than the rest? Like more pineapple and like two slices of pawpaw…and you probably sulk because you’re not really a pineapple fan and you were hoping to have a uniform mix of everything?

Borrrrring…right?!! Now imagine what life would be like if we were all the same! *insert wide eyed shocked expression* Imagine we were all loud! Christ!!! We’d all be deaf! Or  we were all shy and quiet and everyone kept to themselves….we’d all probably be asleep 24 hours a day! Name it….whatever it is; if we were all short tempered, or too tolerating or whatever, just insert a particular personality and imagine what the world would be like if we were all just the same. Exactly the same!

*Caution: unrelated but sort of connected story coming up* I went to a high school where we wore different coloured uniforms! Imagine the confusion! Being the extremely neat and organized person I am *cough cough* I thought to myself, how can a school be so disorganized! In just one class, you’d find about six different colours of uniforms! And yes, I said same class, as in, in the same senior one class, you’d find six people seated in a row wearing six different colours! It was a serious mix; and if say you got a chance to have an aerial view at roll call time, you’d probably get a brain freeze trying to figure out who was in what class…except the A levels ofcourse. Through the four years of O’level, everyone got a chance to wear each of the colours; during distribution, the colour you got depended on the last colour you had. If you had a dark colour, say royal blue, chances are your next would be a yellow and so on and so forth….Eventually, I realised however, that this is what made us different and ‘special’ in a way. Our rainbow uniform. 🙂  *end of unrelated story*

Anyhow, at my school now, there is this lady who has a different hairstyle like every two weeks; and I look at her sometimes and wish I were her…because I’m like, she has so much time (and so much money) to braid her hair almost every two weeks. So at break time some day, I was busy going over my playlist and of course looking around and then saw her come out of her car..(yes, people at my school have cars…except me….well, because I am the youngest person at the school)…of course I noticed her new hair & wondered what the hair style was even called! She seemed like she’d spent about 8hours getting it done… that is where I come in. I am one of those girls that simply do not find salon time relaxing at all! The heat from the dryer or the pain that comes with plaiting…yikes! When I get into a salon, my mind is on how fast I will be leaving, so the hairstyle better be that ‘brief’.

So anyway, eventually she comes up to me and says, “hi! I love your random hairstyles!” now I didn’t know whether that was nice-random or bad-random, because to be honest, I had about thirty fat braids on my head, held up in a bun….so I was like, really?! And she went on, “yes! I have seen you since we started school and I noticed you have a free-style of your own. Nothing complicated! You seem like you spend such a short time doing it and yet it’s perfect! I want to be able to do this!” At that point I laughed because a short while before that I was ‘envying’ her yet she preferred my hair to hers!

2013-05-22 13.02.40

That made me realize that everyone is their own person…..and what you think is un-cool about yourself is what someone else wishes they had! We all can’t be the same; God didn’t want us to be the same, even he would be so bored if he’s made us all with the same ‘specifications.’

Oh, and my thirty braids weren’t so bad after all! Two of my friends ended up doing them after they saw mine. #TrendSetter

So, be you and be(you)tiful!

2013-05-23 11.40.01

At the end of the day, may we remember to Share our similarities and celebrate our differences.” – M. Scott Peck

Let’s enjoy the (people) salad that is this world!

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