the name of the game – football…so even girls can play…cz they have (feet) :-)

guy-hairThere’s things that give me joy then there’s something beyond joy that I feel when I see a girl or group of them defying the odds and doing something that’s usually considered as a no-go zone activity because it ‘belongs’ to the male territory of the universe. I sort of get the same excitement when I see a guy doing something from the female territory; for example, guy hair dressers, who by the way are the best hair dressers.

Anyhow, yes, I totally agree that there are certain things that are strictly specific for each of the respective genders for example child birth for women or for men,…..*I have actually spent 15 minutes trying to figure out the example here but I have failed; please help me insert one thing here that men can do and women cannot do by nature of how women were created*

Moving on…….then there are those things that society has dictated upon us and declared them no-go zones for either gender…like guys not expected to be great cooks, or women not expected to venture into construction, or men watching certain tv shows or women not doing certain sports and vice versa..which brings me to what this post is about…

The other day while walking home from school, at the field near the house, there were lots of kids playing all sorts of games, some holiday program going on. I noticed that walking infront of me, were five girls dressed in football jerseys; this got me really excited because, one, football is a guys’ game and two, as much as I know girls play it too, I had never seen a real girls team before, except on the news on tv or in a movie….a village girls’ football team, fully dressed in jerseys, boots and all was an awesome sight. Of course immediately, my paparazzi self *I believe I was a spy or paparazzi in my past life*.. instantly reached out for my phone to take a picture of them. The first thing I considered was to take the photo as they walked…then I realized, why stalk them when I can just ask them to have their photo taken? So I asked them if I could and they were more excited than I was! And yes, I took the photograph..I don’t know if I will ever see them again but I told them if they ever see me again, they should ask me for print outs of their picture. They went on and joined the rest of the team and there was another team of girls there as well, I think they were going to have some sort of match.

Team Airtel

Growing up in an all boys family, when I was 6 or 7, I played football with my siblings and their friends…. Yes, I even had my own boots, a pair that my dad got me once, for reasons I don’t understand…I guess he wanted to make sure I didn’t have any excuses for not ‘playing my best.’ To make sure I wasn’t subjected to the real ‘torture’, I was always goal keeper, and one of my brothers was #5 *you see I even know that #5 is the goal keeper’s defender*..this way, I pretty much didn’t do anything because the ball never got to me, and when it did and a goal was scored, we blamed it on poor defense. 🙂  I did this until I realized dressing up dolls and combing their hair was a lot more fun and less energy consuming, plus I think someone kicked my foot and the sprain I got was my wake up call to go back to my lane…the girl-lane.

I know I have sort of diverted from the point I was trying to make earlier…but here goes — anything, minus our respective roles as designed by God; can be done by anyone, be it a job, a sport, a hobby or any kind of challenge. Yes females are the fairer gender and the males are the stronger, braver gender, and I don’t disregard that in any way; but there should be no reason for one to take self pity upon oneself and keep away from doing certain things he/she would like to do and would probably be good at simply because society will ridicule you.

At the end of the day, if it makes you happy, makes you better, benefits and improves society…then you my dear are doing yourself an injustice by listening to the negative voices in the world. It just might be that talent you claim not to know but are simply suffocating because…the world is talking. Go for it! x

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