On Random Acts of Kindness….

rakEver sat there and thought about all the terrible things that happen and wondered if there is any good still left in the world? I do it….a lot…and just marvel at how, upon repentance, God still receives us with open arms even after all the hurt and grief we cause each other by being less caring, less compassionate, greedy..or just plain evil. I was reading something the other day and came across something that made me realise, yes….there is still some good out there… The segment read…

* A friend who was working in the Dominican Republic with Habitat for Humanity had befriended a small boy named Etin. He noticed that when Etin wore a shirt at all it was always the same dirty, tattered one. A box of used clothes had been left at the camp, and my friend found two shirts in it that were in reasonably good shape and about Etin’s size, so he gave them to the grateful boy. A few days later he saw another boy wearing one of the shirts. When he next met up with Etin he explained that the shirts were meant for him. Etin just looked at him and said, “But you gave me two!” *

If you didn’t go, ‘aawwwwwww’ after reading that then you my dear, need to go, ‘aaaawwwwwww’ now. 🙂 Those seemingly ‘little’ acts of goodness and kindness that people do actually go a looooooooong way! And no, you don’t necessarily even have to go so far to another town or country to look for people that need this kind of love….your very own neighborhood might have such people. It doesn’t have to big…just do it your way, God sees it!

Eventually it’s such ‘tiny’ things that are the simple joys of life…..there is still plenty of good in the world if you look around hard enough. simple joys


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