…the last 12 months…

I have been upcountry for two years….24 months straight……somewhere along the way, I decided to go back to school, because one, I had a lot of free time on my hands (the job was not so demanding) and two, I needed the project management course, and sooner or later I was bound to do it, I chose to do it sooner (or immediately for that matter). – That’s what the last 12 months have been about, my post grad diploma in project planning and management.

Today I did my final exam and graduation is in a few months (I believe i have passed the exams)….

In a class of about 90 people, of all age groups, everyone with their own priorities and issues, to make friends, was not an easy task. It wasn’t like primary school or high school where in a class, you’re all about the same age….this was different and in fact, I was the youngest in the class.

MonicaI got into the class, sat….and about 30 minutes later, in came this lady (a little younger than my mum), who was obviously late and the only seat left, was next to me….at the front. I was seated alone because no body likes the front, I hate the back and have no problem sitting alone .. i’m not saying I prefer sitting alone, but if i had to choose between company at the back or solo at the front, the front any day!

Anyway so she sat and throughout the 12 months, we literally sat together! People often changed seats and neighbors, but nit us, at some point someone asked if we were related! Monica became my friend from day one, up to today…

Today after the after the exam, we went together to a hospital to see a friend who’d had a baby, and then after that said what was probably our goodbyes….though I prefer to call them see you laters because even when my work upcountry is done and I go back home, I will come back just to see her! IMG-20131004-WA0001-1

She wrote me this email at the end of the day that simply moved me to tears…..my Monica, my friend!

“hi Jemima,

This is to thank you for the months we have been together at UMI. Sitting on those ‘soft’ UMI Sofas and listening to that (your) English every weekend was such a memorable thing for me. I just remembered today that my first day in class I arrived late at 9:00a.m  and yet classes started at 8:30 am. Left with no option, I decided to sit near you. Little did I know we would continue sitting together till the end of the course. It was good eating samosas at break time and then checking out the cassava chips at the roadside. The course work and tests were so uncomfortable. All this and much more….

I needed to thank you so very much for being a good student, classmate, friend and well behaved, brilliant and pretty chic. Keep it up. There is always room for better as you grow. Thank u for the market too. Seeing it from a distance is comparable to seeing white house in USA Washington Hahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend.


I feel like she exaggerated abit…i’m not that nice. 🙂 But if i had to do the class again, I would still choose to sit with her! And yes…..I dragged her along wherever I went…window shopping, random walks and even when I really wanted to eat fried cassava! lol! Of course we’d look for the ‘clean’ places. 🙂

Of the so many things I am thankful for, I am eternally grateful for my Monica! 🙂 You know that Monica in the series, ‘touched by an angel’….I had my real life one. ♥


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