Uganda _ 51

Thank you Google!

Thank you Google!

It’s our (Uganda) 51st independence anniversary today….yey! My parents are older than that, so they have told me all the stories pre and post independence… 🙂

As Ugandans, one of the things that we have in common (sadly) is our love for complaining…..yes we do have other things in common, like we love the Uganda cranes like a problem and Kiprotich is our hero…but sometimes we forget the little good we have achieved as a country and concentrate on complaining about the bad!

I agree with everyone that our country is a mess, our leaders fail us every other day, our resources are mis-used, mis-allocated, mis-handled……or to put it bluntly, STOLEN, by the very people we entrusted them with….but let’s not forget the good things God had done for us.

We have the best climate in the world, the best soils…..our land literally feeds us, we do not need processed food….I could go on; and yes, we have incidents of chaos..but some of our neighbors have it worse!

May we just use today to focus on the good, thank God for the far he has brought us & ask him to guide us through the next 50+ years! It could have been worse but it is not; eventually it will get better!

Happy Independence!


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