I’m one of those people who usually tries to find out or think about the possible good that a particular situation I am in is trying to teach or show me….

For example, each time I get on the bus to travel home or even back upcountry, I say a prayer for journey mercies….it’s a 3.5hour ride, sometimes 4hours and sometimes even longer…….On more than two occasions, the bus has broken down along the way, sometimes in the middle of nowhere. The first time it happened, I was so sad and freaked out, but thank God we weren’t so far from our destination so the bus company sent us an empty bus and we were sorted.

Over the months (many many months by the way) I have sort of got used to this simply because I chose to look at it differently….when I say that prayer for journey mercies, I don’t tell God exactly how he should provide the journey mercies, I just ask him to. Now……I realised that maybe the bus breaking down is his way of answering my prayers! I tell myself that the bus breaking down is a way of preventing something a lot worse….for example: there was a time, out of the blue, a weird and loud sound started coming out of the engine or something, and the driver thought it wise to just get the bus off the road and park it….while everyone else was complaining, I put my earphones on, set my playlist and thanked God because for all we know, the problem could have been really bad and escalated without warning…to me, the ‘sound’ was like a sign from the heavens that it wasn’t a good idea to continue with this particular bus the rest of the journey.

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective….there usually is something more than what meets the eye in every situation..

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