Write it all down….then live it.

bucket list movieThe first time I ever understood what a bucket list is, was when I watched this movie; –> The Bucket List. If you haven’t watched it, what are you watching?????!!!! Anyhow, ask you movie guy for it.

A bucket list is that list of things you would like to do before you kick the bucket. I have no idea who came up with the phrase and quite frankly I don’t think I am interested in finding out.

So anyway, I have a bucket list of my own….and the intention was to have 100 items on it. Initially, this started out as an assignment from a close friend in an attempt to get me out of a state of depression I was in at the time….I only managed to write up to 63 though.  Hopefully, I will make the 100 eventually.

My list doesn’t have un-achievable items, it’s got things ranging from coloring my hair a certain colour to visiting a particular place….and even making some odd purchases….and today I looked at it i.e. evaluated my progress and realized that I had ten (10) items checked off! *clap clap* *dance around*

Anyone can have a bucket list. Everyone should actually. I think it gives one something to work towards accomplishing.

bucket list1The list can have anything, and is entirely personal! You don’t have to add an item or activity to it simply because Oprah has it on her list… in brief I am trying to say that a bucket list doesn’t have to have hard things like climb the Everest or swim in the Niagara falls….it can be as simple as;

1. Wear yellow shoes to work

2. Run in and out of a guys’ loo

3. Be a taxi conductor for a day

4. ……………….

That random.

bucket list2

So my list has a 50+ items….and since death makes no appointments, I might never even get to finish all of them; how about you make one as well…say 20 ‘impossible’ things that would give you a special kind of victory-feeling if you accomplished them; you’ll be amazed at how awesome crossing an item off that list feels!

Go ahead and make one!

Go ahead and make one!

At the end of the day, even the greatest of buildings all started out as plans / drafts on paper! Imagine it, write it…then make it happen! – Jem*

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