A smile a day keeps the wrinkles away… :-)

There’s one thing I get people telling me a lot…”You smile so much Jem!”


The funniest I recall was after my last exam a month ago….which by the way was so hard; I was standing outside the class thinking about how long the academic year had been and how I couldn’t believe it that it was finally over….and of course I was smiling ear to ear…by myself….so this guy comes out and was like, ‘Seriously Jem, what is there to smile about???’ and this made me smile and even laugh harder! I later explained to him what I had been thinking about and he sort of agreed with me, and before he knew it, he was smiling as well…


A couple of months a go when I was renewing my driver’s license…the person taking my picture had to take like 6 shots…and in all of them I was smiling; throughout her entire time doing this particular task *license renewal* she had never had someone smile for their license photo! Honestly I hated my last license because it looked like a mug shot! So i was determined to have a ‘better’ one this time…so I have a smiling one now. 🙂 The first officer who asked for it weeks later looked at it, then looked at me and I had this huge smile on for him (to make sure I look like what was on the card) and he automatically smiled because you know what……smiling is contagious like that! 🙂

So anyway, for people who never (ever) smile…..come oooooooonnnnnnn! We’ve all got downs…..and yes some days are downright terrible but however bad a day is, if it doesn’t kill you…..at least smile that it didn’t…some days are so stormy, there’s simply no reason to smile……but the days / weeks / months (no matter how long it takes) after that storm, the sun will eventually come out. 🙂

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy






And it’s true: you always look so much better when you smile. 🙂


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