Pillars of Tomorrow’s Uganda, you say?

Sometime last week was National Sudents’ day…..I think.

Anyway, the function outside ‘my’ house was so loud and if I heard well, it was the National Students’ day celebrations…..and when I heard the ‘We young women and men of Uganda’ song, I confirmed my speculation.

That brings me to what this post is about…..the state of education in our country. First, I tried to Google the composer of that great song and when it was made but best believe, I found nothing. It can’t possibly be that insignificant that there isn’t much documented about it online…or maybe I didn’t use the right search words…..

That aside, I happen to know all the words to the anthem….well at least I did know them at some point. There is a particular time in I think primary school when we were taught the words and were expected to sing it at sports day or concert day or something like that.

For those who don’t know it, it goes:

We young women and men of Uganda

Are marching along the path of education

Singing and dancing with joy together

Uniting for a better Uganda.

 We are the pillars of tomorrow’s Uganda

Let us rise now embrace true knowledge

Yielding disciplined resourcefulness

To rebuild a great, great, pearl

 We know the way into the land of enlightenment

has thorns, creepers, vales, and mountains

Come what may we shall overcome

For the glorious times to come

Parents and teachers and the youths of this nation

Rise with us, support our endeavors

Led by God who is the Source of Life

To uplift our motherland.

Having gone through the typical Ugandan education system (and by that, I mean public education through and through) I know that being a student in our country is a real *Studying = Student + Dying* situation.


There are plenty of issues with our system and the year might even end before I exhaust all of them; but there’s some I can point out..–> the modes of punishment in some of these (lower level / primary) schools are too harsh that some children literally dread going to school! And surprisingly, some parents do think putting their children away in some of these schools is the best way of disciplining them.

For those who would like to have their kids treated a little more-humane, private school becomes an option……and here, to cover just a term’s tuition & expenses; one might need to part with a limb each time, and since we only have four of those…..yeah, go figure.

Next chapter….high school / secondary school; this is the part where one starts to make out what exactly they would like to do later in life….but what really happens in there, is a group of confused young adults (yes, at some point they stop being children) fighting all sorts of pressures both from their peers and care takers. I guess this is very necessary because you grow, you make choices, you make mistakes, you learn; so moving on……


University…….the year is 2013: This year alone we have seen all types of sagas from our universities; from everybody striking over anything and everything (students and lecturers combined) to sex tapes, not one but multiple!

 Like seriously where is the ‘discipline to rebuild our great great pearl’ spirit? Where is the ‘come what may, we shall overcome’ energy???

 I wanted to find out the writer of that song, the schools’ anthem because I needed to know if he/she is still alive. It would be nice to know what motivated them to make that song when they did and what they think of the situation now…

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. ― C.S. Lewis

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