To New Beginnings….

On 31st December 2013, the first song I listened to in the morning on the radio was Vanessa William’s ‘How the years go by’…..I remember the song because when it played, I wasn’t exactly doing anything so I sort of paid attention to it; thinking about how the years literally go by….considering the fact that this was the last day of the year.

Surprisingly, on 1st January 2014, the first song I listened to on the radio was TI and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Dead and gone’….in there they sing about how the old is dead and gone etc….

These two songs got me thinking…..the years really do go by, and fast. One moment I was worried about whether I would ever make it out of night prep alive in high school, and the next I’m thinking about how quickly my salary ‘disappears’ when it comes in! How do we even move through all those stages of life and still manage to keep sane?

And all this while, we change, things change, times change, trends change, people change, we lose friendships…..we lose some things, we lose some people…but time keeps moving, it doesn’t stop for anyone. In our individual moments of loss, time never stops for us to grieve or come to terms with whatever it is we have lost…it keeps moving…and eventually we catch on and get back in the cycle.

The old might be gone, but it isn’t really dead as such…..that’s what memories are for! If it were dead, we wouldn’t remember things we knew when we were younger, the friends we had, the dreams we had, etc. So, no, T.I and J.T, the old isn’t dead.

Last year had a bit of everything for me, laughs, achievements, joys, pain, loss and tears. But thank God, sad times are never really picture-moments so I do not have any ‘documentation’ of the sad days…..however, I do have plenty of photos from the good days. I LOVE PICTURES! 🙂 I am glad when I go over these photos I can still remember each day like it was yesterday! Again T.I, the old is gone but not dead. 🙂

Now that we’re just a week into 2014, may we remember that each day, technically is a new year, from the same day, the year before! So let’s not be so hard on ourselves, and if today doesn’t go right, brush it off, take a deep breath, don’t lose sleep over it…the next day will be a new beginning to get it right. Whatever it is. May we learn to be patient with people but especially with ourselves. If in God’s ‘work plan’ you are going to pass that driving test after three attempts, best believe, the car won’t start on your second attempt, and a storm will come so that even with a ‘spare’ car you can’t drive  just so you can go back the third day. 🙂 He makes everything perfect in HIS time, all we have to do is trust him.

May this year bring you plenty of joy, and may God be the source of that joy!

Happy New Year!



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