Borrowed words….

It’s coming to midnight….I can’t sleep, not because I can’t sleep or I am not sleepy; but because my flat is right in the middle of the town and at this time of the night, the bars and the people in them have no idea and pretty much don’t care that Jem want to sleep so the music is super loud. So I have decided to write…and Indescribable by Chris Tomlin is currently playing on my random playlist…before was Taylor Swift. 🙂


I wanted to write this all day, then somehow I got distracted…..I don’t know by what even. But anyhow, I came across a great piece by one of my friends, Michael. He shared it on his blog and when I read it, I stopped for a couple of seconds to take it in…’s a hymn and surprisingly I have never heard it. I thought I knew all the hymns, well at least most of the common ones; after singing them every other morning in high school, I grew to love them.

It goes:

Christ be beside you, Christ be before you,

Christ be behind you, King of your heart.

Christ be within you, Christ be below you,

Christ be above you, never to part.

Christ on your right hand, Christ on your left hand,

Christ all around you, shield in the strife.

Christ in your sleeping, Christ in your sitting,

Christ in your rising, light of your heart.

Christ be in all hearts thinking about you,

Christ be on all tongues telling of you.

Christ be the vision in eyes that see you,

In ears that hear you Christ ever be.

At the beginning of the year, I sent out my 2014 wish to selected friends of mine; I actually wrote it out, though some thought I downloaded it from the internet. Well, I low-key rolled my eyes at those and laughed it off….but reading the words of this hymn I realized that this right here, is my everyday wish for everyone I hold dear to my heart.

May Christ always be all around and within you!


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