Lights – Camera – eh wait!

???????????????????????Lol! That’s exactly what happened with this photo.

At the beginning of the year, this year, a good friend of mine, Martin gave me an early birthday gift; a Samsung ST150F camera…knowing my love for photos. It’s a great camera with wifi and everything and before that, I’d never owned one and took lots of photos using my phone…thankfully my phone camera is..well, acceptable standards. I have no idea what megapixels it is, I don’t understand that stuff so don’t ask me.

He specifically requested that I make sure I send him the first photo I take with my new camera when I eventually do. Of course I was over the moon that I now had my own camera, which by the way is too pretty! Real tiny and white! So I wanted the first picture to be epic…I just wanted to use the word epic. 🙂 but yes, I wanted the first one to be real nice, a special occasion or something…and I had my birthday coming up and graduation later so I was trying to figure out the ‘perfect’ occasion! Graduation is / was far, April…so I decided birthday would be it.

So birthday came, camera was fully charged and just waiting for the moment. Lol. Thanks to my friend Patricia, I was a princess for my birthday celebration…she got me a tiara and I have to say I ish fitted the part. Anyhow….so at the restaurant, everyone’s gathered at the table…everybody talking, laughing, greeting and catching up and I was talking to my cousin Nigel….and Diana had the camera; of course to take birthday girl’s photo.

Trying to talk to two people at the same time, Nigel and Diana….I remembered that that was going to be the first photo taken using the camera….the photo that was supposed to be epic….the photo that I was supposed to ‘submit’ for my assignment, I know that’s a dramatic way of putting it, but Martin was waiting for photo one on the other end of the world.

Jem, picture, look here…….aya Diana wait….*FLASH!* lol. And there it was, the very first shot….and I wasn’t doing my signature peace sign or wearing my wide smile…..I was,,,I think screaming and for some reason grabbing my cousin’s hand like I had been trying to make a point…or lie my way out of something.

So that, up there, is my assignment submission…..the first shot taken on my camera; on 11th February, 2014 – my 26th birthday.



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