Anti-Porn Law _ My two cents…..or shillings.. :-)

So the other day, the Anti-Pornography bill was signed into law… many of us for one reason or another, we replaced the word pornography with ‘mini-skirt’….so we knew it as the ‘anti-mini skirt’ law…

Personally, I was bothered…the information that was flying around the place had many of us misguided and yes, as a result, bothered. I love my short dresses, because well, I’m tiny and long dresses make me look even smaller; something I don’t like very much. So I decided to find out for myself what the hullabaloo was about the whole thing and asked some friends, who I knew might have copies of it to share it with me….by day end, I had a copy in my email.

I’m not that great a reader……and like you can imagine, this was one wordy document! So what I did, I looked through it for the definition of Pornography:


After I understood that, I did a Ctrl + f, for key words in the document…mini skirt, short, knees *because well, that was the test for ‘short’…above the knee*…..and didn’t find any of those.

I then went on to look for what the law actually states…..just in case I was missing the point, and this is what I was able to find:

law states

law states2

law states3

Sooooooooooo…….I don’t know if what I was reading was the correct document, but I strongly believe it is; I didn’t only do a search for the words I wanted to see, but I read at least 75% of the document, before I started dozing off and I didn’t find anywhere in it a line banning the mini-skirt.

And if you ask me, the law is for a good cause….I only hope this will mean that tabloids will stop parading people’s nude photos on their cover pages (or even inside) because as of right now, that is not freedom press or whatever it is they want to call it; it is now an offense.

So go ahead and don your mini skirt if you want to; nobody has the right to run after you or throw you onto a police truck for it. (well, the definition of mini also varies from one person to another)

At the end of the day, bear in mind that a lady dresses CLASSY not TRASHY! 🙂 Oh, and not all clothes above the knee are trashy.

pink dress Kamara

One thought on “Anti-Porn Law _ My two cents…..or shillings.. :-)

  1. mikemwizerwa says:

    The catch is in the ambiguous definition of the word porn… The statements “indecent show” and “representation of sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual excitement” and their interpretation is really left at the discretion of the law enforcing body.
    #MyTwoCents 🙂

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