The nightmare that is job interviews…..

In about two paragraphs or one, you will realise this post has nothing to do with job interviews…’s just that I am drafting it as I wait to go in for an interview, which is one and a half hours late…I was about 40minutes early for it; earlier than 3/4 of the people that work here. So I have all these thoughts going through my mind and what I’m about to write about is one of the things I’m thinking about…okay that’s so many ‘abouts’ in one sentence. 🙂

A friend once told me, ‘there will be good days and bad days, focus on the good.’

Isn’t it (sadly) so easy to focus on what’s going wrong and forgetting about what’s going right?!

I had one of those days when it rained…and poured (in a very good way)….like God just decided to go all out for me. Things you only see in the movies and read about in story books. I literally got one piece of good news after another for an entire afternoon! The people I kept telling about the ‘developments’ probably thought I was making it all up. It was actually real.

At the end of the day however, I engaged in a ‘battle’ to fix something that had been on my mind for days…and of course this left me feeling awful; because I knew exactly how it was going to turn out, and it did.

Here I was, sulking about this one thing that was going wrong, something I even had no control over. For that moment I forgot all the good God had done for me that day, the splendid surprises he’d given me that had me overwhelmed at his goodness just earlier in the day. How he was starting to work on something that had me worried for months. I forgot all of it…for that moment…and instead I was upset about something that, by the way, I saw coming…

Psalms 46ASo anyway, I did my routine Psalms reading and I read Psalms 46… and that’s when I ‘woke up’. I realised that whatever, whenever, he’s got me. I was obviously being ungrateful & focusing on all the wrong things…beating myself up and taking blame for someone else’s selfishness and generally being harsh on myself; staring at the closed doors and losing sight of the ones that were opening and open.


Be thankful for what you have as well as what you don’t have. Focus on the many things the Lord has given you rather on what He in His wisdom, has chosen to withhold from you. – Anon

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