This is long, I hope you have the time to read it.

About four months ago, after three years, I decided to leave the job I was at then. Well, my contract had come to an end….and I chose not to re-new it; for reasons I had thought about for over a year. To everybody else, except my mother, this was a drastic decision and some people actually considered it foolish. I didn’t blame them, I thought it was partly foolish anyway. I didn’t decide to leave because I had another offer or something, I just decided to leave because I felt it was about time. I felt I had learnt just about everything I needed to learn from this particular firm and any stay there longer, would be like an over flowing bucket…..the kind of overflowing that is wasteful.(not the Psalms 23:5 one) *insert smile* Also, I felt stagnant at the time; that’s like the worst place to be. So yes the decision was foolish…I was signing up for unemployment, deliberately….but I needed to do it.

So I told my mum the day I left, that I had signed out and wasn’t going back….and when she asked what my plans were, I told her I needed to sleep for as many days, or months…until I felt ‘better’…not that I was unwell. But yeah, I hope you understand what I mean. She didn’t object and every other morning when she left for work, she left me asleep….for a week. I slept, watched tv…slept watched tv….and the cycle continued. When the week elapsed, she called a time out on me and asked me to work with her effective the next day. lol. there was no room for debate. I love my mother so spending 24hours with her, literally…five days a week was not such a bad idea…with a salary of course. 🙂

For the last four months, I worked with her…and as the days went by I realised I had rested enough and started entertaining the idea of getting back into construction-related work. Whenever people i know (friends and acquaintances) found me at mum’s office, they asked what i was doing there and my answer was always the same…I’m working. I was after all, right? I could tell from some of their responses, facial or verbal that some thought I was wasting my time….I wasn’t bothered because hey, I was getting paid. Isn’t that why they were working? And quite honestly, I had taken a much needed break.

I did lots of interviews…and by lots I mean very many. The fact that I didn’t get any of them just made me believe that those particular positions weren’t mine and they were for someone else who probably needed them more than I did. Once, on the street, I saw a gentleman who had interviewed me one time…and God (yes God) showed me why I didn’t get that particular job. He was talking to a person who was clearly in a lower position than him and the way he treated him, made me go ‘shoot! I dodged a bullet!’…I kept telling myself that person could have been me and I thanked the heavens I didn’t get chosen.

One day mum dropped a newspaper page at my desk and told me, ‘this will interest you.’ It was not a job ad or a vacancy…it was just a mini-pull out. Not looking for anyone. I sent them a random email the next day and the day after, I was scheduled for an interview…the next day. My interview must have lasted about 40minutes….and I was hired; that very day. Everything was moving so fast. I was confused…I had been to previous interviews that promised call backs that never happened; but this one had me like, wait, what..really? I was expected to start in five days…I literally was not ready! I had to close out the assignment I was working on at the time, in detail. I felt like i didn’t have the time, yet it was more than enough….I was just shocked I was interviewed and hired on the same day! God has his ways. God is real funny by the way.

The rest is history. I showed up and I’m almost used to the place now…I have amazing workmates and wonderful bosses and I now understand why I didn’t get any of the others.

He truly makes everything beautiful in his time! Trust him.



3 thoughts on “Decisions…Decisions….

  1. lagotsarahodwong says:

    I so get you! Been in the same situation; of making drastic decisions that people don’t get, and often won’t get. But ultimately your happiness counts. And that’s all that matters. God indeed makes things beautiful in his time. PS: mums rock! Congrats on the new job. 🙂 Much love and many blessings!

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