Bucket List Item 55 Check

The other day I was reading through my bucket list and realised I needed to ‘pull up my socks’. 🙂 First of all I don’t know how I accumulated so many items on the list. There’s like 65 items. I don’t do / complete them in any particular order, just random.

So anyway item 55 was *attend a concert of my favourite band*…that day I edited that to attend a concert of one of my favourite bands. Now….I don’t even have a favourite band, I just have a couple of bands and individuals (who sing) that I like.

So Mafikizolo was in town….yeah…jgubgjgvjnwejrqaaazxldsjfmn khona! Those ones. But they were here for club Mega fest. Well I thought they were here for just Megafest. I hadn’t seen or heard any other ad for another show elsewhere. If you heard or watched the mega fest ad, you can relate with the amount of FOMO that I had!!!! Well, I hope. 🙂 Anyhoooooo the show was gointa have Shaggy and Burna boy and Patra and Mafikizolo…….My major interest was in Shaggy and #TeamKhona. Shaggy mainly because I have had a crush on him since I was a little girl….imagine! Not so much for his songs but because I think he’s HOTTTT! Long story short, Mega fest did not fall in my plans. But Mafikizolo did. 🙂

I had been telling my friend N.M about the concert(s) all week and I mainly talked about how I wanted to go for the exclusive show which was Mafikizolo only…the day after Mega fest. He laughed so hard and insisted I should do the ‘normal’ show that everyone was going for because the tickets of the VIP show were a bit pricey. Satuuurrdddaayyyy morning I kept telling those around me that the day felt like New Year’s Eve! There was a strange level of excitement …it was Mega fest day! Those who were going for the concert were really excited. Ps: Ugandans are happy people.

My friend, N.M. (same fiend who insisted I go for the ‘normal’ show) called while I was slaving away at my work desk to ask if I still wanted to go for the VIP concert and well, I did. And just like that, he came all the way from I don’t know where he had called from to my workplace and brought me a ticket for the VIP concert. And the only thing he told me was, ‘make sure you go.’  🙂 I was speechless for a bit….and then I thanked God that I have the kind of friends I have.

Show day……..concert was starting at 6pm. Up until about 11am I was on a solo mission. I weirdly do things alone a lot ..I go to a restaurant and have a meal by myself and somehow I find it okay! 🙂 So I figured, it’s gointa be a concert with a million other people, I’ll make my neighbour my friend 🙂 Buuuutttttt….turned out my friend Jemimah was also on some solo plot so when she called me up wondering if we’d meet up at the show I couldn’t have said a bigger burrrooofffcccoooossss!

Long story short, 6pm came, we had the most amazing cocktail (Thank you MTN) and then the show kicked off with Myko Ouma as the only ‘curtain raiser’. He was perfect! His band, among other songs, did ‘Aye’ and ‘happy’ which are some of my fave songs….they’ve both been my ringtones at some point (his instrument versions) and they did “wiggle” too…lol! I concluded he’ll have a version of every song by the time he retires.

Theeeen Mafi-ki-zo-lo hit the stage and the rest is history. 🙂 It was a wonderful wonderful time….I’m glad I went! And this morning I happily crossed item 55 off my bucket list.

I may not be able to cross everything off that list because maaaaaannnnn it’s a long one and heaven might call me before I do; but each time I cross something off, I get a thrill like no other.

I hope you have a list of your own. 🙂 And I hope it brings you as much joy as mine does.



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