Earlier today I told a friend of mine that I was bored at a certain event…..after going back and forth trying to ‘justify my right to be bored’ friend called me complicated.

I looked up the synonyms of the word complicated and I got; complex, difficult, problematical, intricate…etc

I was nearly mad but figured friend was joking….well at least I hope friend was. Because I expect better.

Joke or not, this got me thinking….is that what the world has come to or has it always been like this? Different is complicated????!!!

Tastes and preferences differ and personally my tastes (and preferences) have taken a twist the last couple of months……more like this year. Bandwagons are not my cup of tea…..less is better, company is okay but solitude is bliss; and I also realised and resolved, not everyone has to be my friend. I know (many) people (i.e. their names) and I have come to believe that sometimes that is enough. Also, if someone’s interests or ways are no longer the same as yours or vice versa….then there is no harm in moving on. That’s the challenge with *growing up.

At the end of the day, if another person’s idea of a good time differs from yours, I believe it is an injustice and very wrong to brand that person as complicated or uncool or not fun….we should be different and still get along just fine; just like salad! 🙂

Do not force people to be like you. And do not criticise them for not being like you or being like the crowd! Most importantly do not struggle to be like / act like / everyone else or force yourself to like what someone else does!! Gosh!! That is going against God’s plan for this (complicated) world….a plan that involves a lot of diversity.

*Regarding Growing up:

When you finally realise and accept that you no longer have to force connections, relations, bonds, alliances or attachments; and understand that you will be perfectly fine with the handful of those you don’t have to force…… I believe that’s when you have really grown up.


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