Money wars…

Am I the only one who usually over pays for stuff because I feel like I’m contributing to the other person’s wellbeing? Like I’m helping them buy food for their family or pay tuition for their child?

Here’s what I’m talking about….I have been working on a certain project for the longest time and it has been very costly on my part…so much that when I think about the things I could do with the money if I had it now, I can’t help but look forward to the day when this project of mine will be ‘completely complete’. Sometimes I even wonder how I manage to fix in a few luxuries with all these constraints…a meal out, new pair of shoes or whatever. I’m like how did I afford that??? Lol.

Anyhu, so each time any of the people I’m working with drafts me a budget of the necessary requirements, I nearly faint, go over the budget on my own…make cuts here and there and we eventually agree on something; but even then the cost is usually very very high. However, half the time I am going over these budgets, I’m thinking about the things that could have led to this person asking for that particular amount.

Maybe he has a kid out of school because of a balance on their tuition and he somehow put this fee in what he requires me to pay him so he can send his child back to school….or maybe he has a sick relative and half the amount he’s asking me for is actually going to cover those hospital bills…..the maybes are endless. And I end up paying either all or close to what they asked for, because I feel like I might be helping them in a way to make ends meet on their part.

That boda guy….when he asks for a 2k for a distance that should be 500/=….yes I believe there are 500sh rides; I think about all the reasons he would want that extra 1,500/= and how ‘damaged’ I would not be parting with it, and I just end up giving it to him.

So today I got another one of those budgets and I just shook my head….and said a little prayer; For the time I have been working on this project or any other ‘over payment’ I have made, if I have unknowingly been contributing to someone’s better living and I haven’t been simply robbed in broad day light, I gladly say, Thank you lord for using me for that particular purpose.



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