This is a very well written piece. So much truth!

The Lantern Meet of Poets

In an attempt to mend such piteous thoughts as expressed over our senseless humor in this sad portrayal of societal hypocrisy, Lantern Meet member Agaba Archibald reflects on the double standards diligently portrayed in the ‘Desire Nude Pictures’ saga.“This is the time to rally around Luzinda Desire and show her that she belongs to a family and a society that cares.” he writes.


I have been trying to ignore this Luzinda Desire hoopla hoping that it would be yet another one of the series of Kampala’s many storms in a tea cup, but after seeing the headline of the local tabloid “Hello,” with an inset of Luzinda Desire’s little girl and the caption that reads “What is wrong with mummy?” plastered in bold print across its front page, I realize that this event has become a cultural watershed for our society. Consider this: a young woman meets a young…

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