Listening to a random radio station so that I can focus and get some work done because today I strangely feel like half a day of work isn’t enough….like I need more hours to work on what I have to! Imagine! Is that what growing up is like??

Anyhu…there was some count down and a certain song played that had me stop and clearly listen; it was a creepy but beautiful song i had to look it up.

Hozier – Take me to church

It’s a different kind of song and I’m not one to look up meanings of songs but I did for this one. In the long-ish article I picked one thing that I totally agreed with. While explaining the meaning of the song, Hozier spoke about what he thought about love;


I found the experience of falling in love or being in love was a death, a death of everything. You kind of watch yourself die in a wonderful way, and you experience for the briefest moment – if you see yourself for a moment through their eyes – everything you believed about yourself gone. In a death-and-rebirth sense.

End quote.

Well, not entirely everything you believed about yourself goes but some of it….compromise suddenly becomes not a very bad idea. And in a not-so-bad way.

He couldn’t have put it better.



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