Of Passwords….

Not so long ago, the witty miss Pumla posted about how she’d left her phone in a supermarket but managed to get it back because it had no screen password and so the lady that picked it up called the last dialled number and told them the phone owner had left their phone behind. This particular update had me laughing but I didn’t get to remove the password screen lock off mine because I don’t want to accidentally dial numbers. Yes, that’s my excuse, just allow it. 🙂

The other day, Saturday, after I had left work and was sooooo far away from the office, ok, not really far but for a Saturday afternoon I was far……my boss called and he needed a document I had been working on during the week and it was so urgent because the team leaving the country that evening had to go with that particular document.

The document was on my laptop, in the office. The other place I had it was my flash drive…which was in my purse. Since I couldn’t go back to the office, the alternative was him powering up my laptop and getting the copy that was on there.

Noooowwwww, my laptop is password protected. And of course I had to give him the password so he’d access the files. When he asked for it, for a second there I thanked the heavens that it was an easy one and not silly or naughty and definitely not offensive or impolite. It was a simple 1234.

I’ve seen people who don’t like their jobs or colleagues or something like that and go ahead to express this in their passwords……for example, *jem_is_a_certified_idiot* …..Now, if I had been this kind of person, that story would have a not-so-good ending. Either I would have to go ahead and give in the not-very-wise password or not give it in at all which would mean that document wouldn’t be got and……you see where this is heading, right?

Moral of the story is……….well, I don’t know. But I hope you picked something out of it.

Keep on keeping on!


Image sourse: livgeek.com

Image sourse: livgeek.com

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