No, it’s not okay!

We live in a country where so many things go wrong and we just go on with life like oh well, it’s okay….there’s nothing much we can do about it……that’s how things here are and that’s how they’ll remain…etc.

A couple of years ago when I was living upcountry, we had a water crisis some time. We were in an out of the house and sometimes we got back to it only to find a disconnection notice or something. Or sometimes the bill and the notice! *insert hysterical laugh*

So this time, we had the bill paid and requested for a re-connection that honestly should have happened the next day or the one after. It didn’t happen for a week! Now yours truly loooooves emails! I am one of those people who believe there is actually someone waiting on the other end of those contact-us email addresses displayed on different company websites. Yes I use them. I don’t believe in phone calls because in case I need to track back, that would be a bit hard. So emails it is.

I remember writing to the water people and copying just about everybody in that email complaining and expressing my disappointment. Yes I even told them how much I was spending on water daily because well, we had to buy it since our supply had been cut off.

The very next day, someone who I later got to learn was a ‘high profile’ person called me to apologise for what had happened and by end of day someone was at the house to re-connect our supply.

Last week I sent a parcel with a courier I will not name, now that I am no longer mad at them. The parcel was going within Kampala so it should have arrived latest first thing the next day and that’s only if the worst obstacles had happened and prevented it from being delivered the same day they picked it from me.

Almost a week later, I asked the receiver if she had got it and to my shock she had not. I got mad. Looked up the company contact details and sent out my complaint to just about everybody on their team…sales, marketing, admin… everyone. I was really disappointed because the parcel was fairly important.

Before end of work day yesterday, someone called me from there apologising for the mishap. I could tell from his tone he was really sorry. I just had to keep saying it’s okay…it’s now sorted; he sounded like he was a lot older than me. He told me that as soon as he read my email, the parcel was looked for and delivered. I figured he was also a high profile person there and he called to apologise for something his team had done; from our phone conversation I gathered he might (or might not) be the one in charge of the business and his team was sleeping on the job. He sounded as disappointed as I was when I was writing to them.

Long story short, the parcel was delivered eventually.

So this is what I’m saying. We live in a country where we think one has to have connections or a famous last name to have things work in their favour. That if you’re not a ‘somebody’ you won’t get the quality of service that by the way you are paying for….

You don’t have to necessarily know people or have a ‘heavy’ name to demand for what should be yours. Don’t just let it go fwaaaaaaaa (only a Ugandan will understand that word). Yes, you probably won’t be successful with your rant but hey, don’t just allow. It’s not okay. I have been lucky twice, you probably will be too. We deserve better service because at the end of the day, we’re paying for it!

If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviours and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.
-Anthony Robbins



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