Am I full???….

Spent half the day today looking for this post because I remember how it made me feel the first time I read it; I needed that feeling again. I couldn’t remember the title, but I knew exactly where to find it. I.Am.So.Full…..but still High on Life! 🙂



I am full, in a situation that everyone would label as empty… don’t be worried about me because I insist on being FULL.

Why? see the insecurities that lead us to emptiness are fears we make up and force into reality.

So? in that case loneliness too, feels like a term coined by a clueless person who could not define the overwhelming emotion of having to face their fears with no one by their side except the One they could not see.

This weekend, the first weekend of the last month in 2012, I almost had my heart broken.

I had already lost hope in half of mankind (with the wars and all) but this weekend my trust levels too dropped to the negatives…..hitting an all time LOW

A dagger was aimed right at my heart by one of my closest friends and as if that wasn’t enough, the guy…

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