random acts of kindness this Christmas

I totally agree with this! 🙂 Random Acts of Kindness…without expecting anything in return or any sort of recognition or praise.. 🙂 Exactly what Christ would do! 🙂


There is a concept or phenomenon called Random Acts Of Kindness (RAK) that encourages charitable giving to people in need, by people who have plenty or even just a little.

The philosophy makes one pass on gestures and items of kindness in unexpected, unacknowledged situations that are unplanned and so random that the recipient does not have the time to work out exactly how it came about that their lives would be so deeply and positively impacted.

For instance, a few weeks ago on my work street I saw a fellow stop his car alongside a woman carrying her baby in a heavy downpour, roll down his window, and hand the woman an umbrella. She was quite taken aback, and stood there for a few seconds after thanking him, to watch him drive off. Perplexed but grateful, she unfurled the umbrella and went on her way.

He did it on…

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