The dress story….

IMG-20150110-WA0009When Diana started making preps for her wedding, she randomly hinted to us that it was going to have a theme……it was going to be a ball kind of thing. Gowns and all.

I don’t have very many long (party) dresses in my wardrobe because….well, I don’t know why. So I set out to look for a gown. It was exciting trying on so many beautiful dresses feeling like I had found the one each with each try! Lol!

Did I mention ALL the dresses were a size or two big??? There was literally NO dress in that store that was my size. ZERO. And you people out there think skinny is good. I could really use some more flesh.

So I tried on this maroon number and FELL IN LOVE! It was the one! No doubt! To save myself from future heartache, I requested the lady not to give me any other dresses to try on. I had found IT! The lady was too kind and we had pins fitted on so that we would see what a perfect fit would look like and I WAS IN AWE!

Then the other part came………I asked her how much it cost. *Insert very hysterical laugh* I could not believe my ears! But I had made up my mind, I was not leaving it. I left her my business card and told her I would return in two days.

I told someone about it….you know that friend you talk to when you’re about to make a bad financial decision….not because you want to be talked out of it, but because you just need someone to applaud your stupidity. Ok something like that. But, I have a bad habit of buying things to feel better. You know how people have comfort food? Yeah, I make comfort-purchases. I went dress-hunting during a time when I was pretty much feeling my lowest, last year. And this was my therapy.

So, Mr. friend like I expected, was not kind. Lol! Told me exactly what I needed to hear but at the end of the discussion I was like, okay, I will pass by the shop on Friday and get my dress! *insert laugh*

I told myself things like, it’s been a long year Jem, and you deserve it. Treat yourself to something. Consider it your Christmas gift. Money is meant to be spent. Etc. I had listened to a Joel Osteen sermon the day before about how God wants us to have beautiful things. Hahaha! I was like seeeeeeeee even God probably wants me to have this beauty!  I seriously justified my actions! Eventually I decided for the last time that I was going to get it.

I picked it….made the necessary adjustments and wore it for the wedding. I FELT LIKE A PRINCESS!!!! I won’t even lie! I loved it, I still love it! It is the most beautiful thing I own right now. Lol. Do I regret buying it? Noooooope!



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