While at secondary school, literature was one of those classes I enjoyed…it guaranteed a sleep-free 40minutes unlike some other classes…but totally and absolutely dreaded the exams. I loved the classes because we’d read the books out loud in turns, paragraph by paragraph or something like that. And best believe that would be the only time I’d read those novels. I think the teachers knew that there was a special lot, of my kind..lol..that simply did not enjoy reading on their own and this was their way of getting us to. And when the exams came, that was a different thing altogether. My interpretation of the stories or poems was always off and different from the teacher’s interpretation and so sometimes I failed….other times I tried. 🙂 I still think that was unfair…because if the question read: ‘explain what you understand by this line bla bla or this phrase…’ my answer is exactly that – what I (Jemima) understand. So how could it be possibly wrong? If that’s not what the teacher understood by that phrase / line then that should have been their answer to the question…not mine. LOL! #ThingsIShouldHaveSaidToMyLiteratureTeacher


Speaking of saying things, I came across this poem yesterday and I thought it was the most beautifully written piece I had read in a while….or so I thought. I ended up reading other bits and pieces by the same guy and realised, they are all simply amazing. The title is *Let’s Communicate* written by Bruce B. Wilmer. I loved it when I read it and I made a list of his entire collection and one by one, I am going to buy the (hard copy) books.


Here you go….


Let’s Communicate

Let’s never underestimate
Our power to communicate.
If pressures lead to words unfair,
Let’s talk it over, clear the air.
If dialogue can save the day,
Let’s seek the words and find a way.
So silence cannot barriers build,
Let’s keep our lives discussion-filled.
So we don’t burst with things unsaid,
Let’s practice speaking out instead.
So we can both feel good inside,
Let’s know we always can confide.
So tender thoughts don’t slip the mind,
Let’s always share a word that’s kind.
So love is nourished day by day,
Let’s speak our hearts in every way

by Bruce B. Wilmer


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